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  1. wenyuanalive

    Schiit Asguard 1

    As new, 115V US version. I bought it from amham at this forum on Aug 22, 2013. I am moving to mjolnir since I am getting serious about this hobby.    I can pay the shipping to US but if you pay via paypal you need to pay the fee($5).    Thanks   ====== It's gone. Thanks
  2. wenyuanalive

    HD 650

    Hi,   I am selling a pair of HD 650. I bought them on Aug 15 from another headfier and put ~80 hrs use. It's about 10 months old in total. I am selling them because I am moving to LCD 2.   I can take care of the shipping to US through USPS. For other countries I have to ask for additional...
  3. wenyuanalive

    schiit gungnir(with USB) + Mjolnir combo

    Hi everyone,   I heard a lot of good stuff about this combo and want to give it a try. Buying a second hand is apparently a more economical way. I prefer them less than 1 year old. I'll pay all paypal fees and shipping.    If you have either one of these and want to sell please...
  4. wenyuanalive

    WTB LCD 2 Rv 2.

    I prefer it less than 1 year old. Please pm me if you are interested. Thanks! I am current in Chicago area. I can pay the shipping and paypal fees. 
  5. wenyuanalive

    Audiophile Stores in Chicago Area

    Hi guys,    I am a beginner and I was told the best way to start is to go to local stores and try different gears yourself. Now I've searched the following stores in Chicago area. I've never been to any of the stores but for those who do please shed some lights!     musicdirect 1811 W...