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  1. Danman96

    Need someone to tell me the differences in the ultrasones!

    So well my budget is 100-200, and I really want ultrasones because I've heard my cousins and there pretty sweet, so could anyone tell me the difference between the Ultrasone proline 750, the proline 550, and the proline 2500. I was going to get the 750's but I didn't see the price so if anyone...
  2. Danman96

    Alright need some pro help.

    Well I need some good quality headphones, I'm getting them for christmas so I can probably go up to 350ish, I've been searching and im coming down to ATH M50's, but I just found ultrasone Proline 750-S, And it looks and sounds like its pretty good but I really need advice if you could direct me...