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  1. seldenr

    Audia Flight Phono Preamp - Beautiful

    Audia Flight Phono.  This thing is beautiful, in perfect condition (no marks, scratch, blemish or anything).  I bought it from the Audia Flight dealer (their demo), and have put maybe 30 hours on it.  I absolutely love its sound, and if you read Fremer’s rave review in Stereophile you will know...
  2. seldenr

    Woo Audio WA6-SE Silver w Preamp output & Upgrade Rectifier - Perfect

    Woo Audio WA6-SE (Super Edition) Headphone Amplifier and preamp in silver.  Single-ended Triode Class-A, All Tube Drive, Output Transformer Coupled.  The WA6-SE is a pinnacle version of its successor WA6 Innovative design: Direct interstage coupling and separated power supply.    This one is...
  3. seldenr

    Burson Audio Soloist Headphone Amp / Preamp

    Burson Soloist – Headphon Amp / Preamp   One of the greatest headphone amps on the market, with a preamp output.   I bought this unit from an authorized dealer in October 2012, and barely touched it, so it is mint and no marks on it.  This is the full headphone amp with preamp, so three...
  4. seldenr

    Cary SLP-88 Preamp and SET Headphone Amp

    I have this posted over on Audiogon (search for Cary) where there are pictures.  Check my feedback under seldenr.   Then I remembered I could post it here, and would be happier (i.e., meaning a lower price) to sell it here, since it is a fantastic good headphone amp, that I have been using...