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  1. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    Well, I got the SkyBlue and I'm loving it of course (notably clearer vocals than the Ratshack), but as you all expected, it didn't fix the problem. I guess I will go back and re-rip the approximately 50 problem CD's with a different computer/drive; definitely not high on my list of...
  2. sunetos


    He noticed I needed a cable and offered me a good deal on an RnB; he sent it pronto and the cable came in a nifty anti-static bag to top it off. Would definitely do business again.
  3. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    Thanks for the tip! Ironically, another Head-Fier just offered to sell me that exact same cable. I think I'll go ahead and spend alittle extra $$ and get a good cable like the RnB.
  4. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    The thing is, I know the source hardware is good: X5. I know the files themselves are good: Uberstandard ( FLAC files that I also play on my computer all the time without a problem. I know the adapter is good: Sennheiser 1/4">1/8" adapter recommended by other HF-1 users. I know...
  5. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    I apologize; I should have included the actual type of cable I need haha. I need a Mini to Mini (1/8") cable, and I didn't see any of that type on that site.
  6. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    I'm currently using the Ratshack gold, actually. Funny you should bring it up. Thanks for the link; I'll check into that list.
  7. sunetos

    Do Grados really have (relatively) non-existant soundstage??

    So far it seems that it's just largely subjective. I've heard HD650's with my same source and amp, and I personally prefer my HF-1's soundstage placement. I do agree with the "front row" comment; I feel more like the singer is bent down from the stage singing to me in the front row more than...
  8. sunetos

    Decent but inexpensive cable recommendation?

    Hey, can anybody give a quick recommendation on a choice of cables? I have an iAudio X5 as my primary source going to a Serpac META which connects through a Sennheiser 1/4">1/8" adaptor to my Grado HF-1's. However, I am using a relatively low-quality cable to connect my X5 to the META, and I am...
  9. sunetos

    Surprise! HF-1 (Head-Fi 1)!!!

    By the way, I ordered the sennheiser adaptor and was notified like 5 days later that it's on 4-6 week backorder. I'd recommend going with a different one for now.
  10. sunetos


    Thaddy parted with his HF-1's to my benefit (and great auditory pleasure at the moment). He was very helpful with multiple PM's and pictures, and honest about the condition of the phones. Sent them quickly in the box, good condition overall. Would do business again!
  11. sunetos

    Surprise! HF-1 (Head-Fi 1)!!!

    Yes, thanks for the recommendation! I have actually already contacted a potential seller. Thanks for all the time spent on the Limited Edition model, Todd, John, and everyone else.
  12. sunetos

    Surprise! HF-1 (Head-Fi 1)!!!

    Noooooooooooooo, I just came back TODAY after many months away from the site, and I missed the last one by a DAY! Wow, I would have seriously considered ordering a pair. I may go cry now...
  13. sunetos


    Wow, this guy is fast. I just got my portable Meta amp from him today, and it works great, excellent shape. I was hoping to get it soon because I'm going to be on a road trip on Friday, but I didn't order the amp until Monday. Well I just got my amp today, only 2 days later, because he got a way...
  14. sunetos


    I just received my ATH-EM9r's from DLP. They came pretty quickly, and they were carefully packed, etc. They were very precisely put back in the original packaging as if they were brand-new. The box, phones, and all included parts in perfect condition. Excellent seller
  15. sunetos

    IC: Headsave Elite pimeta

    Haha it's great to be a n00b. Ok, then this isn't what I'm looking for at the moment, sorry.
  16. sunetos

    IC: Headsave Elite pimeta

    I'm interested; I'd love the home/portable setup. I'm having a hard time picturing how you can easily just pop it into the mint portable case however. Could you post some pics of the whole rig? PS -> I'm new here, so I'm looking for my first headphone amp
  17. sunetos

    Go Vibe For Sale

    Just to make sure you knew this, "ygpm" means "you've got private message," as there have now been several people that tried to contact you about your item for sale. If you've got PM turned off, then these people have been unable to learn more about your product. I only post this because you...
  18. sunetos


    I bought a pair of rare Audio Technica ATH-EZ5CX headphones from him, and they came quickly and working great. He even included a nice Sony extension cord!
  19. sunetos

    FS: RARE Japan only ATH-EZ5CX

    Hey, are these phones still for sale?
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