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  1. Forcefedfreak

    Hitler loses members to CrossFit

    Some of the jokes may be lost on people who aren't involved in the athletic community, but these Hitler rant videos are always hilarious
  2. Forcefedfreak

    My top 10 of '10 list

    Hey guys I own/run a music review website/forum and I thought I'd share my top 10 picks from this year. So here they are!     10. Alcoholic Faith Mission- Let this be the last night we care 9. Envy on the Coast- Lowcountry...
  3. Forcefedfreak

    Need help deciding: Grado SR80 vs. ATH M50

    What's up everyone I've recently decided to buy some head phones (previously rocking Sony in ears), I'm looking at spending $100-$150 bucks. From what I've read it seems like a lot of people recommend the SR80 and the ATHM50.   Just looking for a nudge one way or another I guess. There is a...