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  1. WalterSobchak

    It's Done! Power Cord Shoot-Out-- 22 Power Cords Reviewed!

    So I'm assuming these cables don't apply to portable amps such as ibasso/meier/RSA/etc?
  2. WalterSobchak

    Newbie recommendations?

    Quote: You and me both!  "Well, if I'm going to spend this much, I might as well spend the extra money to get the better product, because I'll be saving money in the long run"  That's the logic I've been using of late.  
  3. WalterSobchak

    Open Headphones Better Than Closed?

    Quote: True statement.  If you plan on using them while traveling, it may not be a good idea to have open phones since everyone else will get to listen to the music with you.  Determine your primary use and needs/wants and that should get you headed in the right direction.  
  4. WalterSobchak

    USPS is THE WORST Carrier service on earth

    Yeah...USPS tracking is a complete joke, where the other major carriers seem to me on the next level.  It's almost like USPS is saying, "hey look, we have tracking, too!!"
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