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    I sold some HD650’s to Ran – communication throughout the transaction was great and he is pleasant to deal with. Payment was sent very quickly. Great buyer to do business with - Thanks!
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    Please leave some feedback here! Thanks.
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    SOLD: Sennheiser HD650 - Like New condition (Australia - will also ship International)

    These have been SOLD. Thanks! ~~~ Hi all, I have a pair of Sennheiser HD650’s in like new condition. They have barely been used and haven’t even been burnt in yet. The original warranty has expired as they were sitting in storage until recently. They come with the complete retail box and...
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    Wanted: good on-ear headphones

    Forgot to mention: If you're worried about the HD-25 clamping on your head too hard, it's possible to (gently) stretch out the headband. I did this by standing a group of books together (like on a bookshelf - the group has to be be slightly wider than your head) and leaving the headphones on...
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    Wanted: good on-ear headphones

    Another vote for the HD-25 and the PX100. Both great sounding phones, but the choice between them depends on whether you need or want any isolation (this refers to the phone's ability to block out ambient sound, which is different to noise cancelling). I would imagine that if you were wearing...
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    IEMs that sound as good as KSC75s?

    One of the main things that I really liked about my KSC75's was as the airyness of the sound/large soundstage. It felt wide and open. Unfortunately, if you're looking at IEMs, this quality is very hard to come by (imo). Is there anything in particular that like about eh KSC75s that you...
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    In-Ear's you can sleep with

    I used to be able to fall asleep with the Shure E5c's on... they were really comfortable, especially when used with comply tips. They sat flush against my ear, so I could turn without hurting anything. My Senn CX300 are also great for this. Sound good and very comfortable.
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    Confused on Walkman series :s

    Just chiming in for the A729/A829: I've never heard the S series, so I can't compare, but the A829 sounds better to me than my gf's 3g nano. To me, it's not as dramatic a difference as some of the earlier posts about the A829's SQ on here read, but it is noticeable.
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    Looking for a new player to complement ER4p/s

    I've been told that the Sony A729/829 have good synergy with the ER-4's, but I've not been able to hear them for myself yet. One of these days
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    PSP sound quality: how good is it?

    I've only ever used an original/phat PSP - here are my 2 cents. - SQ is mediocre. Compared to an ipod 5g, the ipod is clearer and less muddy sounding. The Sony A829 I have sounds far better. - Usability: I couldn't carry the psp in my pocket and had to stick it in a backpack, and use the...
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    Rig In Public: Yes or No?!

    Usually done by pushing the outside of my pants/jeans pocket - too lazy to take it out, especially if I'm walking (which is usually the case). If I have to find a specific song I'll take it out... after skipping tracks 20 times in an effort to find the song
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    Best SQ 16GB DAP for under $200

    Sony NWZ-A829 (or A729, if you don't want/needbluetooth). Sounds excellent and has a customisable EQ.
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    Compact Camera based on design?

    Forgot to add - also have a look at the Sony cybershot T series. These are very sharp looking but are more expensive (on average) than the Canon IXUS series.
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    Compact Camera based on design?

    Another vote for the Canon IXUS 85is, or the 90is if you like a more retro look. The styling, button layout and size of these cameras are great.
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Hi guys, Unfortunately, I've had the SAME experience recently... except I was stupid enough to order from them TWICE! (free shipping to AUS was too tempting...) I was after the E2C medium clear tips, and the medium grey soft flex tips... On my first order, I received one small set of...
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    Sony EX90 - Replacement Sleeves/Tips?

    Thanks for that! I have some UE tips lying around from my's that I'll try on... and some E2c tips coming that should fit as well. Might give those a try before stretching out my olives
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    Sony EX90 - Replacement Sleeves/Tips?

    Hi all, I've managed to lose one of the medium(?) tips on my EX90 and don't have any replacements. I'm considering ebay as a last resort but have found that the cheap tips I've gotten from them in the past are not as good as the original Sony ones. Aside from the official Sony...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by jobski hi guys i want to ask if tpf has that grado-ish sound, my refence is an SR-60. im contemplating between tpf and se530pth. i've read that the tpf seems to have pretty much sibilance, i don't know if that's true as i don't have the luxury of testing them...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by jma790 No jonspanki,'s are perfect, don't dare to say anything bad about them!! Just kidding HAHA! Well... I'm trying to be a little objective here... I slip into fanboy mode WAY too easily I just wanted to add something... I listened...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Thanks, Flavio! Good to see someone agrees with what I wrote Elluzion: I interpret sibilance as when a headphone emphasizes certain aspects of the sound, making that aspect of the music shrill or harsh to listen to. For example, words being spoken or sung with "s", "sh", "ch", "j" and...
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    Are the Shure Triple Flange Sleeves Worth It?

    Soundwise, I would recommend trying the triple flange sleeves. I've only used the Ety sleeves with the Shure E5c, but found that they were discernably better sounding (my interpretation of "better" being clearer highs and less muddy bass/mids) than the other sleeves. As far as your fit...
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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    Hi all, I got a pair of triples a few weeks back to use with my portables and my v-drums - still getting used to them but overall I'm very happy. Anyway, here are my thoughts on them: Fit wise, the UE silicon tips really didn't do it for me, and I haven't tried any foam, shure olive or...
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    My Review: Yuin PK1 Vs. UE Triple.Fi 10 Pro

    Thanks for the review, Flavio. Good job! I recently purchased the TF10 and now you're making me wonder about the PK1...
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    Newbie Headphone for drummers question

    I'm currently using Shure e5c's and Sennheiser HD25-1's for my electronic drums (roland TD20). In a nutshell, the HD25-1's have a little less isolation than IEMs (still plenty for electronic drums, though) and the sound is a more even across the lows, mids and highs than the E5c's. The...