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  1. BO08i

    2 TRS jack in 1 out. Should be easy to find

    This is what I'm looking for (I thought it would be easy to find, but 3 hours of searching the internet proves me wrong).   I'm looking for a device/adapter that has two female inputs of 3.5 mm jacks and one 3.5 mm male output.  I want to be able to plug a microphone into one 3.5 mm female...
  2. BO08i

    DIY 3.5 mm mic+stereo

    Another note:  Any explanation on the wires?  They do not seem to have any cover on them.  They are just green.
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  5. BO08i

    DIY 3.5 mm mic+stereo

    Goal:  Wire a mic to a tape adapter for a car stereo and transform the 3.5 mm jack to a 3.5 mm 3 channel jack that support a mic input and stereo output.   At the end of the day, I want to be able to plug my 3.5 mm jack into the jack of my cell phone and have the output go to the car stereo...
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