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  1. tjohnusa

    Current deal on Velodyne cans at newegg

    Great deal for a set of decent toss around cans. This is my second set because my daughter keeps "using" my first set. They are rather "bassy" and recessed mids/highs but for $10 shipped they are good for a set you dont have to worry about if...
  2. tjohnusa

    What has happend to this hobby?

    It would seem to me it has become a monster. A quick look at the for sale forums tells alot...amps for sale are way up there. Is it possible that the voyage to nirvana of sound cannot be bought? I think alot of the high dollar stuff is more snake oil than many think (or hope). I know so many...
  3. tjohnusa

    Go Vibe 5

    Great shape....uses a 9 volt battery. Very good intro amp or a nice kick around amp. $30.00 shipped. PM with any questions
  4. tjohnusa

    AKG K81DJ

    Up for sale is a spare set of these....they have been blu-tak modded to tame the bass and they sound 100% Overall condition is fine. $30 includes shipping.
  5. tjohnusa

    Grado SR-60

    I have a set for sale in nice condition but they will need new pads. I am the second owner and I have maybe 40 hours on them....just not my cup of tea. As you can see in the pic there is no paint wear on the cups. So...$45 shipped. I am also in need of a SATA hard drive 7800rpm over 250 gig I...
  6. tjohnusa

    PX-100 All black

    Selling a pair of Senn PX-100 original. I didn't like the cheap silver plastic so I painted that part black with spray paint...turned out great. These are about 2 1/2 years old and have no issues other than the case having scratches, just not getting any use. I am asking $25 plus $8 for flat...
  7. tjohnusa


    Duplicate listing
  8. tjohnusa

    Laptop USB speakers

    I have a great condition set of Logitech V-20 USB powered speakers. In my area we can get power outages from time to time and these were put into action during those outages for movie viewing on a laptop. They are loud enough to be heard at a few feet away from the laptop and quite clear. Of...
  9. tjohnusa

    Aluminum travel case

    I have a nice unused case that would be perfect for protecting portable gear. I know what your thinking but even though you are traveling you can't always listen to your gear. Rather than wrap it up in socks and underware to toss in your luggage let it travel in style. There is a document pocket...
  10. tjohnusa

    Anyone watching Master Chef Junior?

    I type this during the 4th or 5th show and I am sorry but I cannot believe this group of 8 to 12 year old kids have the "talents" they show. The show I am currently watching has the kids cooking in a restaurant kitchen serving a lunch. First off I am a former cook with quite a few years behind...
  11. tjohnusa

    Kef bookshelves

    Nice set of speakers for office or bedroom...would also make a nice set of surrounds or add a sub and they make great fronts or 2.1 setup. Sound great with no issues and the drivers are in perfect condition. The only problem is one cover has a missing mounting peg and all the pegs have been...
  12. tjohnusa

    Custom Little Dot II

    Nicest looking LD II you will find with it's custom Maple wood accents. Sounds very luscious with no issues...drives my Beyer DT 990 with no problem. This package includes all pictured. The driver cages are not mounted because I don't have a drill press. You get 4 sets of driver tubes and 2 sets...
  13. tjohnusa


    This past week was the anniversary of his death. I myself am 54 yo and remember his music well....I have some favorites. His style was undoubtedly unique at the time and his fan base was vast. I must say however that going with "imitation is the greatest form of flattery" I can't recall anyone...
  14. tjohnusa

    Klipsch Woot deal

    Klipsch Image E1 for $14.99....anyone have these? I can't seem to find any reviews but for $15 I can't get hurt that bad buy getting these.....s/h $5.00
  15. tjohnusa

    Pair of SR 60 cushions.

    Will take either stock or Senn 414 pads....must be in like new condition. PM me with what you have and what you want.
  16. tjohnusa

    Stereo Power Amp

    Lookin for a stereo power least 60wpc. If you have something gathering dust let me know. No integrated amps or recievers......thanx Budget is under $200 it's for a bedroom setup and want to keep costs down.
  17. tjohnusa

    Anyone here use an E-Cig?

    I am a smoker looking to kick the habit and am curious if anyone here used or uses an ecig. If you do can you state the brand, cost of your package and a quick review....also if you have tried others if you can give pros and cons that would be appreciated. I think I can enjoy one of
  18. tjohnusa

    Koss sale going on now

    Order from online store at, add Campus2012 in promo at checkout and get 20% off and free shipping....just thought you might like to know.
  19. tjohnusa


    Browsing last night I found a bin of cd's. Much to my suprise I found Steely Dan's "Can't Buy A Thrill" and Yes "Fragile" for $5 each. Also saw "Rumors" and some Metallica; many others that made me wonder. I am getting old since music I find glorious is in a bargin bin....I am sad....and old. I...
  20. tjohnusa

    WTB....stock Grado SR60 pads

    Send me your offers....thanks
  21. tjohnusa

    Anyone here have Pandora plus?

    I am curious to find out if the audio quality is that much better than the free version. I have listened to the sample on the website and not knowing if it is a lossless file to begin with it could be misleading. I am loving the service and will probably spend the $36 anyway due to the excellent...
  22. tjohnusa

    Shure e4 case

    Looking for a clam shell case for my  e4' chewed up my original. If your dog chewed up your e4's let's talk. May consider other cases...I can get a replacement case for $30 so keep that in me
  23. tjohnusa

    McCartney "Kisses On The Bottom" impressions

    First off his voice is showing it's age but still sounds may have something to do with the style of the music. The style I would describe as laid back lounge. One thing that grates me is the brushes on the snare, sounds like intense tape his at times So far I feel My Valintine is the...
  24. tjohnusa

    RIP Whitney Huston

    Just saw this on Yahoo....48 yrs old but no cause of her passing...very sad