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  1. machoboy

    PSA: Counterfeit AKG K 240s?

    Just a warning! I've owned 3 pairs of K 240s so far and while I didn't want to jump to conclusions initially, I've realized there are some counterfeits out there. The first pair I bought was during the transition from Austria to China. The second pair I purchased (and reviewed) were quite...
  2. machoboy

    Closed headphones that sound closest to K 702s?

    As the title says, what are the closed headphones (I need some for tracking vocals) that sound closest to my beloved K 702s?
  3. machoboy

    Photos of KRK 8400/6400 next to Shure SRH840?

    Hi,   I've settled on K 702s as my main headphones but I still need closed-back tracking head phones. I'm considering re-buying the SRH840s which I liked a lot but that's so boring. Does anyone have some photos of the SRH840s and KRK 8400s side by side? I can't seem to turn any up googling...
  4. machoboy

    Noob question (Inner Fidelity vs Headroom)

    Which frequency graphs are generally more reliable, Inner Fidelity or Headroom? Some of the charts on Headroom seem really erratic.
  5. machoboy

    AKG... K 550 vs K 240

    Does anyone have both of these to compare?   I'm going to assume by default that the 550 is an improvement in clarity and isolation, and I've heard it's less amp-hungry.   However what I'm most curious about is the bass. I love the overall sound signature of my 240s but the bass doesn't...
  6. machoboy

    Shootout: Shure SRH840 vs M-Audio Q-40 vs Ultrasone HFI-580 vs AKG K240S

      Shootout Shure SRH840 vs M-Audio Q-40 vs Ultrasone HFI-580 vs AKG K240S   This is a pretty diverse group of brands. Shure was established in 1925, M-Audio in 1998. AKG leans toward the stubbornly retro school of design, while Ultrasound has all sorts of quirky technologies within their...
  7. machoboy

    Do any Ultrasones have tamed treble, strong mids?

    I'm in love with the build quality of my HFI-580s but the scooped mids and piercing treble are killing me. Despite the "S-Logic", they're very fatiguing.   What are some Ultrasone models, if any, with more emphasis on mid-range detail and less of this "trying to sleep with a vulture...
  8. machoboy

    4 nice headphones on the way... Songs for testing detail?

    Hi,   In the mail right now with my name on them are:   Shure SRH840 M-Audio Q-40 AKG-240S Ultrasone HFI-580   I don't plan on keeping all of them and want to quickly narrow it down to which are my favorites. Does anyone have any song recommendations for testing headphone...
  9. machoboy

    What were the top headphones in the '80s?

    I'm messing around with an '80s Pioneer amplifier I acquired, and being an '80s music fanatic, I'm pretty thrilled to realize that it sounds awesome (comparing to a modern $400 Harman-Kardon).   Since I'm a headphone newbie, I got to wondering which headphones were really the cat's meow in...
  10. machoboy

    If the Ultrasone PRO 550 uses the same exact drivers as the HFI-580 with bigger cups, why does it have less bass?

    OK audio engineers so I have HFI-580s in the mail after hearing about their awesome bass. My problem is I don't really like the look and personally, I'm a big fan of giant, huge, phones, not just swiveling "DJ-sized" phones.   I just read this courtesy of Ultrasone:    "The PRO 550...
  11. machoboy

    JVC HARX700 and Panasonic HTF600... Same drivers?

    Hey,   Until I really fall in love with a pair of phones and can justify spending 100-200 bucks on them I thought I'd get one of these highly praised $30 sets w/ free 2-day shipping from Amazon.   It seems like the HTF600 is more celebrated on here but the JVCs look better and comfier...
  12. machoboy

    Shopping for a new pair under $100. Really bad luck so far.

    Hello forum,   So I need a pair of big comfortable headphones for fall semester at college. I have a Harmon Kardon amp and tons of audio/recording/musician gear, but 90% of the time I'll be using them for music on my laptop (with or without an external amp/interface).   I never planned...