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  1. tabacaru

    OK2 problem - biased right channel?

    Hey all,   I purchased OK2s a while back and for some reason found that the left channel seemed very slightly weaker than the right. I returned them and received a new pair but the same problem persists...   It's strange because some songs seem balanced but most do seem that they are...
  2. tabacaru

    Amplification and Sound Quality

    I've often heard, including on this forum, that amplification means better sound quality. That is, say I'm using a pair of headphones that have a low enough impedance to not require amplification from a source such as an iPod, people claim that if I were to listen to the same source with the...
  3. tabacaru

    Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 Advance 'Popping'

    Hey all,   I just purchased an HD2. Every so often when sound is playing, at random intervals, the sound output will have several 'pops'. The pops are at a slightly lower volume level than the music playing, but very audible. They last about 1-2 seconds and occur at about a 10Hz frequency...
  4. tabacaru

    CMOY Virtual Ground Questions

    Hey all,   Just had two quick questions about the virtual ground circuit used in the CMOY headphone amp that you seasoned veterans may know how to answer.   1. What are the caps used for? Is it to provide more current?   2. Why are the values for the resistors/caps chosen to be...