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  1. Gilftronic

    OLDSCHOOL Question

    I use a discman that's really old and needs replacing. Yes, I could get digital music player but if I do that I feel I'll abandon my re-born disc collection. One reason I want to replace my current Sony S2 discman is that I feel it's not powering my Mad Dog headphones well; I have to make it...
  2. Gilftronic

    Looking for Advice on Finding TRS Adapter Jack

    Hello Everyone, I just purchased a great (used) set of Mad Dog headphones. The (detachable) cable it came with only has a 1/4" TRS jack and I'd like to change it to 1/8". I'm having trouble querying it the right way in the Ebays and Amazons - so I can't find it to be purchased online...
  3. Gilftronic

    Recommendations for Headphones While Sitting in Office

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking to pay between $200-$300 for a set of headphones to listen to while at work. While my job doesn't have constant communication with people around me/phone conversations, there are still a few interruptions in an hour. I'm therefore looking for something that can...