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  1. BluFalcon

    Diesel VEKTR (by Monster)

    According to the email I got today... "If your eyes could hear, this is what music would look like." [donning mud-slinging suit]
  2. BluFalcon

    Grado SR325is

    Selling my beloved Grado SR325is.  These are the discontinued brushed aluminum version, not chrome.  I replaced the stock headband with a much nicer and comfortable dark brown lambskin J-Money band.  These cans have logged plenty of hours, so no burn-in required.  Original packaging included. ...
  3. BluFalcon

    Pink Floyd 2011 (box sets, blu-ray 5.1, concert footage and more)

    First caught the buzz at SACD-Net and SHF.    The bottom line:   Dark Side of the Moon Immersion Box Set   Dark Side of the Moon Experience Version   Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set   Wish You Were Here Experience Version   The Wall Immersion Box Set   The Wall...
  4. BluFalcon

    Mick Fleetwood Digs ATH-M50s

    I was watching the latest Stevie Nicks video on the laptop (with my ATH-M50s plugged in coincidentally enough) and couldn't help but notice drummer Mick Fleetwood's choice of cans.  Sorry, just had to share.    .    
  5. BluFalcon

    Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

    Fans of R&B from the 60s era rejoice.  Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings are keeping it alive.  Retro sounds.  Fresh material.  Very nice.   
  6. BluFalcon

    Technics SH-8046 "Computer EQ"

    Selling one of my Technics SH-8046 7 band touch-pad computer graphic equalizer.  I have two and one needs to go to a loving new home.  This EQ was ahead of its time when introduced in the early to mid 80s.  No electronic issues with this component. Nice bright blue spectrum analyzer.  Very cool...
  7. BluFalcon

    Dark Side of the Moon (best version?)

    Okay, I had this album on cassette that's been chewed to bits, so I'm looking to finally replace it (either on vinyl or CD/SACD).  Searching on-line I see that there are original masters, re-masters, 30th Anniversary, imports from country x/y/z.. etc.  So nowadays, what's the best or definitive...
  8. BluFalcon

    Monster Tron T1

    Looks cool.  High MSRP.  Marketed for the HT and gaming market.       Daft Punk Edition  
  9. BluFalcon

    FS: Brand New Unopened FiiO L3 LOD Cable For iPod and iPhone

    Purchased this for a FiiO E7 I no longer own. This LOD is brand new and never opened.  $12 shipped anywhere within CONUS.  Thanks. 
  10. BluFalcon

    WTB: Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1

    Title says it all, man. 
  11. BluFalcon

    SOLD: FiiO E7 Portable USB DAC + Amp

    Selling my FiiO E7.  It's been well taken care of and always kept in its silicone cover and soft black case when not in use.  All original accessories included.  Also have the original box.  Practically brand new.  Not more than 100 hours of use.  $85 shipped CONUS.  Thanks. 
  12. BluFalcon

    Kobe Bryant Call of Duty Ad Controversy

    Just watched a heated debate about this on ESPN Feel free to discuss. 
  13. BluFalcon

    Cowboys and Aliens

  14. BluFalcon

    New Headphone Stand

    Picked this up at Home Depot the other day for like $16 or something like that.  It's supposed to hold rakes, push brooms and similar stuff.  Just putting it out there in case you're looking for a cheap solution.     
  15. BluFalcon

    Headclones: Satisfy Your Inner Geek

          Stormtrooper Headphones
  16. BluFalcon

    Unconventional Headphone Stands

  17. BluFalcon

    Introducing Blu Falcon

    Hi, I'm Ed.  New here.  Just introducing myself.  Long time lurker.  Just signed up.  I love listening to good music with my Grados.  I don't know ***** but I hope to learn from you all.  Thanks.