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  1. Lesmiserables13

    Beyerdynamic dt880 250 ohms vs 600 ohms

    I'm looking into these two headphones so I'm wondering if you can tell which one is 250 ohms and which one is 600 ohms? Does it actually say on the headphones itself? (says if you're buying one without the original box)
  2. Lesmiserables13

    Sony MDR-1r vs Bayerdynamics dt880 600ohms

    which is better? how they are (and/or in comparison with v-moda m-100, ath m50, or sennheiser 650) sq, comfort, soundstage, bass, lows, mids, highs, etc.   genre: everything gear: fiio e12 mont blanc, v-dac mkii, schiit bifrost, vallhala   Thank you.
  3. Lesmiserables13

    Schiit bifrost

    How do I connect my iphone to Bifrost?
  4. Lesmiserables13

    m-100 vs sennheiser 598 or 650

    Since the 598 and 650 are same brand and similar in sq   What do you guys think? Either the 598 or 650 vs v-moda m-100 with or without amps SQ, comfort, etc.