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  1. Milhouse74

    Compliment to M100

    I currently have the vmoda m100's and I'm looking for some new headphones. Not replacing them, something different. I'm looking at the Phillips X1's and the NAD HP50's. Obviously one is open and the other isn't. I'm going to use for traveling but I don't mean listening on a plane, more likely in...
  2. Milhouse74

    Momentum vs. M-100

    Just curious what the thoughts are on these from anyone that's tried both?  I've seen some reviews say go Momentum, but I'm curious what the average board listener thinks.  I need a closed back, somewhat portable headphone.  I will use them mostly at home, but I do travel quite a bit so I want...
  3. Milhouse74

    Looking to upgrade, need advice.

    So I suppose I've got a case of upgrade-itis. After starting out with a couple of pairs of low end Senns I moved up to a pair of ATH-M50's. Overall I was pretty pleased with them. I liked that they were closed back for traveling. Then I realized I didn't want to carry these things around so I...
  4. Milhouse74

    Need some suggestions

    I currently own three sets of headphones, now I'm looking for a third.  The ones I have I would say are low end(well, low end for a site like this).  They're all three Sennheisers, PX100's I got for my Ipod Touch, in ears that are actually my wife's, and HD485's.  I don't mind the size of the...