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  1. Austerlitz

    The Nordic Prog Rock Appreciation Thread

    I haven't had the time to read the whole thread, so I apologize if they have already been mentioned, but one Swedish prog rock band you really must hear is Qoph. Check out "Dansar Galet Bakåt", their cover version of Captain Beyond - Dancing Madly Backwards.   Spotify: Qoph Website...
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  3. Austerlitz

    $1500 Budget, advice needed.

        Quote:   Unfortunately I won't be able to listen to Stax since no one carries them here in Sweden, at least to my knowledge.   I've all but decided on getting the Sennheiser HD650s, now I'm trying to figure out with amp to get. Buying from abroad is expensive because of the...
  4. Austerlitz

    $1500 Budget, advice needed.

    Thank you for all the replies!   It seems like I have a bit of thinking to do. I'm leaning towards the HD650, but if the LCD-2 wow me enough I might splash to indulge myself.   Regarding sound preferences and music taste I would say that I lean more towards a warmer, darker sound without...
  5. Austerlitz

    $1500 Budget, advice needed.

    Hi!   I've been lurking on head-fi for a few months and I'll start off by saying that I really appreciate the forum and the amount of sound (pun intended) advice that is provided for a relative audiophile rookie such as myself.   I've always been picky about sound quality in general, but...
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