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  2. will1211

    HE-500 with OCC cable bundle

    Hi guys Up for sell is a pair of used HE500 with OCC cable, the bundle will come with a pair of spare cable connectors, original cable and one balanced 3.5mm cable for hifiman players, the travelling case will also included as I lost my original boxes cuz my mum throw it away as she though it...
  3. will1211

    Best opamps for my RME 9632 and M-patch 2 mods :) need help

    Hi sinae Just wondering hows your modding going? Because I am going to mod my 9632 analog part, but I am not sure which 4580 I should replace. Hope you will help :smiley: Cheers
  4. will1211

    Reply to review by 'will1211' on item 'Lear C2 IEM Cable'

    Awesome review, also wondering where did you get this cable? From which site? Cheers.
  5. will1211

    FS: ES88 (Australia) Price reduced

    SE535with cable sold
  6. will1211

    FS: RSA Mustang P51

    Sale Pending
  7. will1211

    FS: ES88 (Australia) Price reduced

    P51 sale pending
  8. will1211

    FS: ES88 (Australia) Price reduced

    SE535 sale pending
  9. will1211

    FS: RSA Mustang P51

    Hi there Up for sell is a half years old RSA Mustang P51 a sexy, powerful portable amp. Will come with the original white paper box, paper work, charger, a interconnector and a little red pouch. Item locate in Sydney. I can ship to anywhere                ...
  10. will1211

    FS: ES88 (Australia) Price reduced

    Hi I would like to clean out my iem and headphones.  Ship to US Price list.     W3: a year old, I am the first owner, with original  box, paper work and a few tips. $240  $220  $200  Sold   SE535: about half years old, I am also the first owner, NO box, with paper work...
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  12. will1211

    **Asus Essence STX FS-PRICE LOWERED**

    Does 140 including shipping to Australia?
  13. will1211

    Headphones for 14 yr old into rap

    I will recommend Ultrasone 580 a lot a lot of basss  
  14. will1211

    Need an amp for HD650S

    I have 650 as well just listening with my nfb12 dac now, after I try my friend's dacmini, I think i really need a better amp, will schiit lyr be a good choice?
  15. will1211

    HD 650 + E7/E9 or E9/E10?

    i have e7 with l7 line out with 650 wasn't really good, so i m going to sell this combo,,lol
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  18. will1211

    IC: NEW Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10

    hi mate do u interest in Fischer audio's FA002? a open type can pm me if u want it cheers, Will
  19. will1211

    Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 FOR TRADE

    hi mate, do u interest in B2? the same model of dba02
  20. will1211

    FS: Ultimate Ears TF10 (for international members outside of the USA)

    i will take two of this  Sydney, Australia, 2220 cheers
  21. will1211

    AKG K702's Excellent Condition

    Hi there i m wondering does it come with the original box or other stuff? btw, i live in sydney. cheers, William
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