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  1. DDante

    SOLD: Afzelia Thunderpants *huge price drop*

    Are these still available?   And a general sound question, how isolated is isolated and I mean from others around me point of view.  I work in cubiland and need next to no leakage (currently have Ultrasone HFI-650dvd and am happy with their isolation)  of course not hearing others is nice...
  2. DDante

    Introducing Audio-Technica's ATH-W1000X

    Can you describe whats wrong with the W1000X coupled to an GD-Audio Compass? My current setup is foobar2k->optical (96k 24bit)->Compass->HFI-650dvd Sounds good (the compass was huge improvement over M-Audio USB), but I want more detail, imaging, etc (bass is fine). (BTW: I Love...
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