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  1. mxs1030

    Nintendo DS Lite (white) + 4 games ( Mario Kart, New Mario Bros, Tetris, Brain Age )

    Hello head-fi, it's been a while . I brought this DS with me to Shanghai thinking that I would play it once in a while, but really it hasn't seen any use since I came, and I could use the money else where. I have no camera on me, so I'll do my best to describe the condition. I would...
  2. mxs1030

    WTB: 30GB Black iPod Video

    Looking to buy a 30GB Black iPod Video in good shape. Would prefer to purchase one with that already has a case. Offering $225ish depending on accessories. PM me if you have one for sale!
  3. mxs1030

    FS: Eastsound CD-E5

    Will be moving soon so I'm parting ways with my headphone rig. Up for sale is a Eastsound CD-E5, this CDP needs no introduction, one of the best CDPs under $1k. Purchased this from Cattylink mid December 2005, has about 300 hours on it, player is in flawless condition. Included is the CDP w/...
  4. mxs1030

    FS: MPX3 (Power Supply Upgrade) with extras.

    I'll be spending time in China fairly soon so I'm parting ways with my headphone rig. Up for sale is a MPX3( with the stage 1 PS upgrade ) purchased roughly a year and a half ago from Mikhael himself. The amp is in pristine condition, no dents, scratches or any flaws both cosmetic and...
  5. mxs1030

    FS: AKG K701

    Reason for selling: I'll be spending some time in China so these won't get much use from me anymore. I purchased these from another head-fi member about month ago. In excellent condition; looks, smells and feels new. I've put on only 10~ hours of listening time since I've received them...
  6. mxs1030

    FS: HD555

    No longer need these as I got close headphones for my PC. Excellent condition, I purchased these from the whole digitallyunique HD580->HD555 fiasco. I ended up liking the sound so I didn't bother to return them. However, my PC is quite loud so my A900s have replaced the HD555s. Original...
  7. mxs1030

    WTB: ATH-W5000

    The AT woody lust has finally taken me over, I'm looking for a W5000 in excellent condition. PM me if you have one available.
  8. mxs1030

    IC: HD650 w/ Zu Mobius

    Lately I haven't been using my HD650s much because of ergonomics, it's current placement in my listening area doesn't allow for comfortable positioning, and I'm finding myself using the ATH A900s more due to convenience. I purchased these HD650s shortly after Sennheiser released the model...
  9. mxs1030

    FS: Shure E3C (Grey)

    I haven't been using these much at all lately, and my ears lust for some ATH woodies. I've owned these for roughly one year, originally purchased from earphonesolutions back in late 2004. My original pair had a slight channel imbalance so I sent them back to shure for a replacement mid 2005...
  10. mxs1030

    FS/FT: modified Sony C222ES

    Putting this back up again. I've owned this source for just over a year now, originally purchased it from Spaceman back in December 2004. Its stereo-outputs are modified by, a list of the mods can be seen here, note: I'm pretty sure it has an LC Audio LClock X02, since it was...
  11. mxs1030

    The strangest spam mails ever?

    I haven't really bothered to check my spam mail ( who does ), but this is just out there. There's not even a product advertisement in the actual mail, outside of the email title. Quote: SAVE 82% VALIU*, ATIVA*, LEVITR*, MERIDI* & ALL POPULAR MEDICATIONS, NO QUESTION ASKED young Spam...
  12. mxs1030


    Bought a emu 0404 from me, payment was prompt and communication was pie. Thanks!
  13. mxs1030

    Changing first name

    I'll make this short: I was born in China, moved to the US when I was 5, and unbeknownst to me until recently, my legal name is still my Chinese name. A lawyer would cost a ton of $, searching google brought up a name-change form I can buy for $40 or so. Is anyone here familiar with...
  14. mxs1030

    FS/FT: Grado HF-1 #283

    Well, I've only had these for a few days, but I just can't see myself getting much use out of them. I prefer my HD650 for my home rig, and they're too $$$ to use on my portable rig. Originally purchased from Pete7 for $260. Excellent condition, only used a few hours since I've received them...
  15. mxs1030

    FS: EMU-0404

    Yup, second time I'm selling these . Pretty much brand spankin' new, purchased in August 05 from guitar center, but didn't put it in my comp until last month or so. I have the original box and all the accessories, will include some radio shack 1/4th -> RCA cables with the card. Looking...
  16. mxs1030

    Problem with Zu Mobius

    Just recieved a v2 from Zu Cables after sending in my v1 for repairs.However, I'm having alot of trouble getting a snug fit with the v2, the connector pins make contact with another, but the fit is very loose in comparison to stock. I can only get one "click" when I insert the cable, I fear that...
  17. mxs1030

    FS: Silver Dragon Sennheiser Replacement Cable

    I've had these for about 9 months now, I'm the original owner and the cable has roughly ~500 hours on it, cable is in excellent shape. Reason for selling: Prefer the sound of the Zu Mobius. I'm asking $155 USD shipped within the continental US, I accept paypal...
  18. mxs1030

    WTB: Zu Mobius sennheiser replacement cable

    I'm interested in purchasing a Zu Mobius sennheiser cable, please PM me with the length and asking price if you have one to sell. Thanks!
  19. mxs1030

    FT/FS: Beyerdynamic DT880

  20. mxs1030

    FS: SR60 with several pads, $60 shipped

    Back up! Asking $55 shipped( within the continental US ), these come with unmodified vwap pads ( HD414 pads ), stock comfy pads, and radioshack pads with a horrible cutout in the middle. Pics: I accidently set the SR60s down on a piece of paper with still undried black...
  21. mxs1030

    Kind of OT: Anyway to view own Window's cdkey?

    I lost the box for my XP pro a while back and I REALLY need to reformat my HD ( getting a new mobo soon ). I remember a program that showed you your key #, anybody know where to DL it by any chance? Edit: NM, got it. Thanks google!
  22. mxs1030

    WTT: My Silver Dragon Sennheiser cable for your Zu Mobius

    Hi, I'm looking to trade my 10ft SD sennheiser cable for your similar length Zu Mobius. The reason why I'm trading is that I find the SD to be a bit too revealing of my source, when it comes to detail/resolution, the SD simply cannot be matched. PM me if you're interested. Thank you.
  23. mxs1030

    FS: Sony MDR-V6, $45 shipped

    Selling my MDR-V6, the headphones are in very good condition, pads show little wear, but can easily replaced, I do not have the original box. Asking $45 shipped via paypal, will upload pics later tonight. Thanks for lookin' edit: I seem to have lost the 1/8th to 1/4th converter , will...