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  1. Acade-lo

    Care and Preservation of Cables

    Hello guys, i want to spend a video and also ask about the care of  our dear cables headphones.       Just do not know if it goes for headphones. As my headphone has a long cable (3mts) and use the my pc, i wraps the cables without damaging, but do not know how the correct way.  ...
  2. Acade-lo

    AKG K514

    Anyone have this fone? What is your impression or review?   Its quality is comparable to sennheiser hd 202 and 212? despite being a semi-open and other closed. Which your think is best for games?   Thanks already!
  3. Acade-lo

    Sennheiser HD 205 or HD 212 PRO?

    Can the two at a good price.Wich do i choose?   My use only on the computer, (70% gaming) (30% music in general). Sorry for my english, i am brazilian. waiting anshers.
  4. Acade-lo

    Sennheiser HD 202 or 205 or 212 Pro

    Which of these Headphones in the best of games?   Please speak only of the three. Thankss .   Sorry for my english, i'm from Brasil. Await answers from this community and it users. Hugs .