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  1. Nounours18200

    A "better" fuse holder (?)

    Hi, Just a question that might look strange to a few but.... We have all lessoned to various persons having tested/reviewed/change the fuse , and report sonic differences (same for the cables). I wonder if a few of you have tried to use "better" fuse holders, or have tried to remove it (and...
  2. Nounours18200

    UpTone JS-2 versus Paul Hynes SR-7

    Hi, I almost never ask a question like "what is the best" because I know how system-dependant the answer is... But after having search the web during hours , I did not get a clear viewpoint regarding these 2 well known LPS.... The Power supply will be used to power 2 devices: -an UpTone...
  3. Nounours18200

    Chord 2Qute : power supply upgrade

    Hi,   The Chord 2Qute DAC is bundled with a very basic power supply: a simple 12V Wall AC adapter that looks a bit crappy...   What would be your recommandation regarding "the best external power supply" (that could be an accumulator...).   Thank you very much for your replies,
  4. Nounours18200

    op amps upgrade on a RKV-II

    As a few of you have done in the past, I plan to try to upgrade the LF351N op amps of my Audiovalve RKV-II by better op amps, such as the suggested OPA627.   I would like to know if I can simply replace the LF351N by the OPA627, or if there is some particulars points to check , based on your...