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  1. xbc1001

    [SOLD] Focal Clear

    [SOLD] I am the first owner. The headphones are fully functional, but have some tiny sractches on the paint (shown in the pictures). The headphones will come in its original package. You will get the headphones, 3 cables from Focal, and a carry case. Shipping to CONUS only, local pickup (at a...
  2. xbc1001

    [SOLD] Auralic Taurus Mark II balanced headphone amp

    [SOLD] Selling because I am mainly using speakers now, and it gets very little usage. Fully functional. I am the second owner, and used it for less than 30 hours in 1.5 years. It will come in its original package. You will get the amp, the power cord, and the user manual. Shipping to CONUS...
  3. xbc1001

    Focal Spirit Classic Headphones

    Used for 1 year, in good condition, $160 shipped
  4. xbc1001

    MINT Westone UM Pro 50 2nd gen new model

    I received it as a gift and used for about 2 months. Selling it because I really like my bluetooth earbuds. I am the first owner. It comes with everything in the original package. The condition is like new. Note this is the new model with clear shell and is $649 on Amazon. $415 shipped, offers...
  5. xbc1001

    Like new Effect Audio Ares II+ 2pin to 3.5mm

    Only used 2-3 times; the condition is like new. I am the first owner. It comes with its original box. $130 shipped
  6. xbc1001

    ATH IM03 $75 shipped

    ATH IM03 with microphone cable; earphone only
  7. xbc1001

    ATH IM03 $75 shipped

    Wrong post, please delete
  8. xbc1001

    AK380 $830 shipped

    The DAP has signs of use on it. Its back was cracked because it fell onto the ground once. However, I used it daily and it was fully functional. $830 shipped and I only ship within the US. NO TRADES. Here are some pictures:
  9. xbc1001

    SOLD Astell&Kern AK120 II DAP $300 Shipped

    There is one dent on the volume dial. You can see that in the picture. Only comes with the DAP itself and the leather case; no original package. The battery is still very strong. It lasts for about 10 hours. The DAP is fully functional and has no problem except for the dent. $300 shipped, US...
  10. xbc1001


    Found, please close
  11. xbc1001

    WTB Mrspeakers Ether C / Flow or Aeon Flow closed

    PM me with price if you are considering to sell yours :)
  12. xbc1001

    AK120 ii

    I'm selling this ak120 ii because I only use it about once a month. It is about one year old. It is fully functional and looks like new except for one scratch. Please look at the pictures carefully so you know what you are getting. It only comes with the player and one usb cable. No SD card and...
  13. xbc1001

    Mint Chord Mojo Advanced Headphone DAC and Amp

    I bought this great little DAC together with AK120ii in July and decided to keep AK120ii   It is almost brand new, cosmetically and functionally perfect. Comes with original box and use cable.    Used for less than 20 hours. Free shipping, buyer pays paypal fee unless gift
  14. xbc1001

    Ascend Acoustics SIERRA-1 REFERENCE Hi-Fi MONITOR

    Barely used and is in as new condition except for two signs of use on the right monitor. It has really good reviews. About 1.5 years old. I have all the papers and the box it comes with. Selling it because I will be moving. $450 for the monitor and $25 for shipping. Pickup is welcome within...
  15. xbc1001

    ***Priced To Sell***Astell&Kern AK120 with two 64GB microSD cards Free Shipping

    Selling ak120 with 2 64GB microSD cards, it has 192GB storage in total. I put screen protectors on both sides of it and have been using it in the leather case all the time. So there is absolutely no scratch on the body, 9.5/10 condition. The leather case is in used condition. I'm selling it...
  16. xbc1001

    Nordost Blue Heaven RCA Interconnects, 1 Meter, Free shipping

    I used it in my system for a while, it has great sound and very good quality. Very classic cable. Selling it because I have got a better pair of cables. Only ship within US. Free shipping but buyer pays paypal fee.    Thanks
  17. xbc1001

    AUDIOQUEST VODKA TOSLINK FULL-TO-MINI (0.75m) Great for Connecting Macbook and Airport Express to DAC Free shipping

    I got this cable around 6 months ago. It was $168 on Amazon. I used it to connect my Airport Express to DAC for Airplay. Works great. It is 9.5/10 condition as you can see in the picture it is nearly new. Selling it because I don't use iPhone anymore. Free shipping but buyer pays paypal fee...
  18. xbc1001

    (Help Please!) Recommendations for speakers and speaker cables from NAD C320BEE

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to get myself a pair of speakers in my bedroom (which is relatively small). They will be driven by a NAD C320BEE amp. I have about $400 budget and I am having a hard time choosing speakers. I listen to pop and rock stuff.   A pair of Focal 705v or KEF Q100 seem...
  19. xbc1001

    Emmeline SR-71A Portable Headphone Amp with Charger

    Got this from another audiophile in this forum, very good condition. Comes with batteries and a charger. I do not use this a lot so I am selling it. Fully functional.    Price is $250 shipped. Buyer pays paypal fee or send payment as gift.    Thanks
  20. xbc1001

    WTB ONE Paradigm SHIFT A2 Speaker

    Looking for one Paradigm SHIFT A2 Speaker, not a pair of them.   Ash Black Grain color prefered.    PM me please
  21. xbc1001

    SHUNYATA - VENOM 3 1.5M 15AMP Power cable for Amplifiers

    I am selling this upgrade power cable since I have sold my amp. This Venom3 power cord is the best power cord I have tried with Asgard2+Rs2i, there is significant improvement. I bought it as new for $150. I have tried Pangea AC9 and it was just so terrible that I returned it.    The price is...
  22. xbc1001

    Grado - RS2i - Reference Series Headphone

    In great condition (9.5/10), I am selling it because I don't spend a lot of time using it and it should be owned by someone who can spend his time appreciating how great this headphone is. I will ship it in its box, with receipt from MusicDirect and warrenty files. Shipping is covered but buyer...
  23. xbc1001

    Grado - RS2i - Reference Series Headphones with Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter (Price dropped)

    I owned this for less than a year. I bought it from MusicDirect. It is in great condition (9.5/10), I am selling it because I don't spending a lot of time using it. I will ship it in its box, with receipt from MusicDirect and warrenty files. Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter included.    The price is...
  24. xbc1001

    Audioengine D1 24-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter (Price Drop)

    I bought this dac from another audiophile to use with my Airport Express. It works great and looks new. I have bought another dac so I do not need this one any more.    $95 = Shipping + dac + the usb cable it comes with   Buyer pays Paypal fees.   Thanks
  25. xbc1001

    Asgard 2 Headphone Amplifier and VENOM 3 1.5M 15AMP power cable (Price Dropped)

    I bought this amp several months ago from Amazon to amp my Grado Rs2i and it works great. It is well taken care of and is 99% new. I will sell it together with its original box and everything it comes with.    I am also selling this upgrade power cable since I am getting rid of the amp. This...