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  1. hqmusik10

    amp for beats by dre pros

    im totally new to this amp thing. i tried to research but i still dont get it. im willing to spend about 60-80 dollars on a decent amplifier for my beats by dr dre pro. can someone recommend me a good amplifier? thanks
  2. hqmusik10

    best full size headphones for the price of $80-90

    hey guys im looking for good over the ear headphones that will have great sound quality as well as comfortability.   i recently bought the beats by dr. dre pros and i was very unsatisfied with the comfort of the headphones.   can someone recommend me a good pair of headphones. thank you...
  3. hqmusik10

    best pair of cans for the budget of $350 for a 17yr old

    hey guys my name is sai and i am 17 years old. im looking for a pair of cans that range within the price range of $300-350.   im not an audiophile but i need headphones with maximum sound quality and extreme comfort. i am not willing to spend money on a tube amplifier and what not. all i...