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  1. simplesimon

    Help: Replacing & Soldering new jack HifiMan RE-ZERO IE

    Hello everybody,   Recently, my IE RE-ZERO's from Hifiman started giving out in one ear and after testing where the issue may originate by slowly pinching along the length of the wire while listening to music, I think I found out that the problem is the jack. However, as many of you may know...
  2. simplesimon

    Am I Buying the right equipment?

    I am not a headphone+amp savvy person, but I have been doing some research as of late because I'm in the market for a nice pair of headphones with an amp. I would like to spend, at the most, 250$ in total. I've been looking at the Audio Technica monitor headphones, but I can't seem to find an...
  3. simplesimon

    Headphones + AMP

    I've recently been searching for headphones that can be driven well without an amp; however, after more research, I've decided perhaps purchasing an amp would be the best decision if I want the best sound.    Does anyone have any recommendations for headphones plus an amp somewhere under the...
  4. simplesimon

    Headphones without an amp

    Hello, Head-Fi.   I've recently been searching for a new pair of headphones and stumbled upon this website and decided to see if you guys could help me out.    I'm looking for headphones in the 100-300$ price range that have the best possible sound without the use of an amp. I plan on...