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  1. Topherocious

    New Sennheiser 558 and 598 thread.

    I love the look of the 598s, but I'm not sure how I feel about that leather on the headband vs the soft velour on the 558. Although the mesh on the outside would be more resistant to dust/hair/etc. Tough to choose between the two if they really are as similar after the mod as heafonia says they...
  2. Topherocious

    Smaller K240S alternative?

    Awesome, I'll look into the K141 and the 15G, those both sound like great options. Thanks for the help, everybody!
  3. Topherocious

    Smaller K240S alternative?

    Thanks for the replies. I stopped by Guitar Center on the way home today and spent some time with what they had to offer. I was happy with the fit of the Beyer DT770 Pro, as well as the bass response (wouldn't bother me at all to have something with a little more bass than the K240 did). They're...
  4. Topherocious

    Smaller K240S alternative?

    For starters, this is my first post, so hi everyone! Been lurking here for I dunno how long, finally decided to register yesterday. Anyhow, here's my situation:   I recently picked up the AKG K240S, maybe 3 weeks ago. Gave them a solid week and a half, 2 weeks to burn in and I've been using...
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