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  1. Bolt San

    FS: Westone UM2

    Sorry for the delay! Here are some pictures: with flash: without flash: There's also the zip carrying case, but I felt it too boring to include in the shot. I also found a pair of shure tri-flanges (as opposed to the etymotic tri-flanges), and those will come too. So you can compare...
  2. Bolt San

    FS: Westone UM2

    A little less than six months--got them before an overseas flight, then proceeded to sleep through it anyway.
  3. Bolt San

    FS: Westone UM2

    SOLD! Thanks for all the interest guys! Simply put, it's too much isolation for my day-to-day activities, and though I love them it's time to move on. Comes with: UM2, clear with new, ungreening cord unused comply small tips unused comply large tips etymotic tri-flanges small shure...
  4. Bolt San

    Most comfortable IEM's?

    ER-6i with Shure Ultra-Soft Flex Sleeves. I don't have them anymore, but they're easily the comfiest.
  5. Bolt San

    IC: Sealed Audio-Technica CM4, used Sony Eggo D-66

    I have another pair of sealed CM4s and I'm looking to let them go. They're the silver ones, and they're 50 + 10 dollars for shipping on audiocubes brand new here: grrrreat for ipods. or whatever. and I'm looking for just 50 shipped...
  6. Bolt San

    iAudio M3 - still a good player?

    M3 has radio. The sound quality's great, not the same as the karma or anything but you'd be hard pressed to notice a difference, and the option of line-out is always there. I don't know about flac battery life, I never used flac when I had one, because the firmware for it wasn't perfect yet...
  7. Bolt San

    FS: ER6i or trade for E4C + cash (of course)

    Same, but I wasn't paying attention so I didn't put my username. If you get anything from a bizzolt, that's me.
  8. Bolt San

    ATH-EC7 VS Shure E2c?

    EC7 by far.
  9. Bolt San


    I bought a T-amp + battery bundle from bundee1, and everything went perfectly. We had good communication, he got me a tracking number, and the goods arrived in great shape. Highly recommended.
  10. Bolt San

    Rio ce2100 2.5GB for $99

    Freaking awesome player, I bought it for 80 with a coupon off of ebay. It's just so stylish.
  11. Bolt San

    your opinions on Audio-Technica ATH-FC7

    They're pretty good for the price. Uncomfortable, and with an extremely small soundstage, but the sound quality is surprisingly good. The bass is pretty strong, too.
  12. Bolt San

    Closed phone/bud trade offs... for $100

    K240s aren't closed at all, but that's a great price. Get them anyway.
  13. Bolt San

    Etymotic ER6i v. Ultimate Ears 3

    I like the ER-6is more than the Super.Fi.5s, and from what I've read the 3s are a big step below the 5s.
  14. Bolt San

    iaudio x5 20GB for $199 (?)

    Brand new 20 gig X5s cost about 255 dollars for resellers buying them in bulk. This is a scam. That or the seller has gone completely insane.
  15. Bolt San

    Which Pads do people prefer with sr225s?

    In order: Beta C-Pads Flats cut 414s bowls cut and reversed 414s reversed bowls cut comfies unmodded 414s unmodded comfies And uh, toss radioshack pads in there somewhere.
  16. Bolt San

    Help needed - X5L, iPod, Gigabeat...?

    Yeah, you can set the options so that all music is selected, including everything in subfolders, and shuffle that.
  17. Bolt San

    AHHH, any DAP have 1/8" line OUT?

    The Nomad Jukebox line has line-outs..
  18. Bolt San

    Grado Conspiracy? (swear im not stoned)

    What does RS mean then? OH GOD Radio Shack's taken over Grado Labs and this was the only way for John to reach out for help!
  19. Bolt San

    An Interview With John Grado

    Oh god, I'm leaving tonight for vacation and I might not get a chance to read the interview until I get back! HURRY IT UP OH GOD PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN
  20. Bolt San

    isolated, super comfy, portable headphones - do they exist?!

    If you liked the er-6s except for the comfort, you'll LOVE er-6is with Shure Ultra-Soft Flex Sleeves. There's a thread on it on the first page of this forum.
  21. Bolt San

    Static with HJE50?

    What's your source? I personally only had static with this one crap cd player I had, with my HJE50s.
  22. Bolt San

    John Grado has agreed to an interview, I invite you to suggest some questions

    Has he tried C-Pads, and if so, what are his thoughts on them?