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    SOLD - As you likely know... the BURSON HA-160D is a superb amp / usb DAC / pre-amp, which excels with most phones... which has received many rave reviews.  From the best audio components, it produces all the clarity, dynamics, drive and PRAT of a great SS amp with a touch of warmth.  See the...
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    CD Quality Sound From an iPod Touch???

    Deleted... original post.      Upon further review of my new iPod Touch 4G - I find that WAV, AIFF, and ALAC files all sound virtually identical to the CD playing on my Sony Walkman CDP.   Though, the WAV files sound a bit louder, and maybe a hair better at the same volume settings on...
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    AnyOne With Experience With a CyberServer???

    Does anyone have any experience with a CyberServer, or similar, solid state drive music server?   Seems like the best way to obtain optimum sound quality with a music server into a real DAC (not a USB DAC).    ...
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    Orb or Morel Sphere Speakers As Good As It Gets - Best Headphones?

    I saw a post on Audio Asylum that reports sphere speakers are as good as it gets and can easily outperform Quads, or any other speaker system - Orb or Morel sphere speakers.   The guy replaced his Quads with them, and thinks they sound better than Gallo's - when placed about 18" from your ears. ...
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    SOLD - HE-6 OCC Cable for your HE-500's... GREAT SOUND - SOLD!

    SOLD!   If you haven't tried this OCC pure copper cable with your phones you need to.    It adds clarity and definition to your HiFiMan phones!   Get it today, before it's gone. 
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    SOLD - STAX SRM-323S Headphone Amplifier - Excellent - GREAT AMP!!!

    Don't miss this great amp to drive Stax pro-bias headphones:  
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    STAX SR-507 Headphones - LNIB - AS GOOD AS IT GETS!!! (SOLD)

    SOLD - Don't miss these great phones at a great price at:    
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    FS: STAX SR-007 MKII - Great Phones At Bargain Price - SOLD!

    SOLD!   Don’t miss out on this great deal for what are widely acclaimed as the “World’s Best Headphones!” Perhaps the following quote from a recent review says it all:   “As the flagship STAX headphone, the Omega2 is the most perfect headphone I’ve ever listened to. All of us can start...
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    Amp For My SR-507's - T1... or... 7t... or... GES???

    I've bought a set of 507's to check out the Stax line.  After all the positive comments, comparing them favorably to the LCD2's and HE-6's - I finally decided to give Stax a try.    But... now I have to get an amp for them.  I'm too frugal to go with anything great (e.g. KGSS or BH) - so...
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    How Does the MiniMax Compare To the M^3???

    For those who've heard both... if anyone... How does the sound of the Millett Hybrid MiniMax compare to the sound of the SS M^3? I would expect it to be similar, except that the MiniMax likely has a bit warmer, richer sound. Just curious... since my original interest was in the M^3...
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    Cryo Treatment - Just VooDoo???

    I must admit... I'm a skeptic... but... Does cryo treatment noticeably improve the sound of tubes? Does it affect their useful life? What about other electrical components? What are the EE / physics principles which justify cryo treatment of electrical components? If its actually...
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    Millett Hybrid MiniMax - As Good As - Oh Yeah!!!

    OK... ... I've been thinking of trying a Millett Hybrid MiniMax to see how it compares to my other amps - sort of "on the rebound" from the Caliente, which is not available. I've had some conversations with SACD Lover who really likes them - he's got "dozens" of them. But... how do...
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    Has Anyone Tried the New Graham Slee Solo SRG - Only $435 (But Climbing)???

    I had to start a new thread... since... not many have heard about this new amp... at a new price. Since Mrarroyo has "brought me up to speed"... the Solo thread needs to be resurrected... ... in the light of the GS Solo SRG, which is "now on sale." Solo SRG Headphone Amplifier: Solo...
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    Just thought I'd join in the hunt...
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    DO YOU AGREE - MARANTZ SA-8001 . >> . SATURN & 840C ???

    So... does anyone else... besides "DaltonLanny" prefer the Marantz SA-8001 to the Saturn and 840C?
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    Please PM or email me - if you have one to sell. Well... assuming it really does drive both low impedence and high impedence phones really well with no clipping. Thanks...
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    Have You Tried - Valab Sound Enhancer Input Transformer?

    Has anyone tried this "magic box?" Does it work? What does it do? Is it worth the money?
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    Two great pieces, which produce exceptional sound. SOLD - Musical Fidelity X-10v3 Tube Buffer Preamp - $295 + shipping + Paypal. SOLD - Musical Fidelity X-PSUv3 Power Suppy - $295 + shipping + Paypal. SOLD - Revalation Audio Labs Passage Power Cable for Musical Fidelity Small-X Series...
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    "Old" vs "New" HD580/600s & HD650s?

    I've just recently have seen the posts that report that Sennheiser has revised their HD580/600 and HD650 phones to sound faster, brighter, more detailed without a veil. Is this accurate? I did notice that Senn has changed the fabric cover on the elements from "black silk" fabric to...
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    GS-1 or HR-2???

    For those of you who've tried both the GS-1 and HR-2, which do you prefer for Senns, Grados, AD2000s and D5000s... and why??? Or, can you direct me to a link / thread that provides this information. Based on my recent experience with the Graham Slee Solo (which is great)... as well as...
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    SOLD: Senn HD650s

    SOLD: "Like New" Senn HD650s w orignal packaging - $290 shipped CONUS. Just want to try some others.
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    On The Importance of Synergy... & Idle Ramblings

    I guess I never realized how incredibly important the "synergy" between components is - I'd guess it accounts for 70%+ of the sound of any combination of components. And... I guess I'd also have to include the specific recording and media in that combination of "components." For example, the...
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    IC: Darkvoice 332 - WITHDRAWN

    I'm thinking about upgrading to the Darkvoice 337 to give it a try, and am considering selling my "as new" DV332 amp to partially fund the purchase. As I indicate, this amp is about 90 days old, in pristine, "as new" condition in all respects, and will come with the stock tubes + the...
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    Viagra... or... Headphones...

    Let me see now... ...Viagra... or... Headphones / Viagra... or... Headphones / Viagra... or... Headphones - which shall I keep???
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    Op Amp Rolling...

    Quick question from a "layman" who knows nothing about amp circuits... "All other things being equal..." Is the OPA 2107 (dual channel) op amp directly interchangeable with the OPA 627 (single channel) op amp? What is the distinction between "single channel" and "dual channel" op amps...