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  1. falcogreg

    WTB: iPod USB Power Adapter

    Go to and do a search. I picked one up there for $7 plus shipping (which was about $7 too IIRC). I should add it's not made by Apple but by some other company. Who cares? It works fine.
  2. falcogreg

    FS:12sn7 tubes

    I don't remember. Can these be used in 6sn7 sockets? I seem to remember they could be when we were discussing possible tubes for the ppx3 slam. Thanks, Greg
  3. falcogreg

    iPod AutoSync Question/Help

    So, if Im reading you correctly, he will not lose any songs if autosync is off and he connects to another pc? Thanks for the info!
  4. falcogreg

    iPod AutoSync Question/Help

    I bought my son a nano for Christmas and have been loading songs on it. When I set up iTunes on my PC (XP), I did the standard set up which included auto syncing. It is my understanding that if I now hook up the nano to any other computer, I will lose all the songs. Is this becasue I had the...
  5. falcogreg

    Try Again: Need Help With Wireless Reccommendations

    I currently have a pair of Senn's hdr40's. Unfortunately, they have no range whatsoever. Even when I'm within a few feet I still have interference. Forget walking out of the room or even out of eyesight. Very disappointed with these. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? I'm not worried too...
  6. falcogreg

    Wireless Headphone Recommendations

    I currently have a pair of Senn's hdr40's. Unfortunately, they have no range whatsoever, Even when I'm within a few feet I stll have interference. Forget walking out of the room or even out of eyesight. Very disappointed with these. Does anyone have alternative suggestions? I'm not worried too...
  7. falcogreg

    If anyone doubts break-in, then you're....

    If you go back to my original post and re-read it, I made a point of stating that I didn't listen to the headphones after my initial listening out of the box for a couple of hours until they had over 200 hours on them. So, I did not get "used to the sound of them". I did that intentionally just...
  8. falcogreg

    K701 vs DT880

    I currently have both and hope to do comparisons soon. Unfortunately, this may not be until the week after Christmas as things are just too hectic right now. Hope I'll be able to answer some questions in the not too distant future.
  9. falcogreg

    If anyone doubts break-in, then you're....

    When I bought my pair of DT880's, I listened to them for a couple of hours. Let's just say I was underwhelmed. Too bright, little bass, no detail and very uninvolving. I decided to burn them in for 200 hours before I listened to them again. I didn't want to have the"psychological" effect kick...
  10. falcogreg


    Bought a pair of hd600's from Fan. Goods in excellent condition, just as described. Transaction fast and easy. Would definitely purchase from him again.
  11. falcogreg

    AKG K701 OWNERS!!!!!!!

    Well, I'm on the waiting list too. Just gotta hang in there in the meantime.
  12. falcogreg

    Buying DT880s, questions...

    If I can add my $.02, why don't you email toddthevinyljunkie? He will price match and has them in stock. Headroom is still on back order. How do I know? I just went through the process. Headroom emailed me they were on back order. They wouldn't match Bh Photo's price but they quoted $239 with...
  13. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Thanks for that great explanation! BTW, I also went with the 6sn7 tube option. Guess I forgot to mention that in my initial post. So, based on your expalantion, it appears it is something I may want to consider, no? If I understand correctly, the money I save in tubes by buying 12sn7 tubes...
  14. falcogreg

    Curse you "SACD Lover"!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by sacd lover Seriously... the 12 volt upgrade may be tough to afford right now but the upgrade will pay for itself in no time. The minute you start pricing 6sn7 tubes will regret not getting the 12 volt option. Dare I ask what is this upgrade you...
  15. falcogreg

    Suggestions for SE Tubes amps <$1K

    I am strongly pursuing buying a tube amp. I am very close to getting a Woo Audio W3 with some modifications suggested by a member here. He also suggested some tubes to improve the sound. Looking into the cost of the tubes coupled with the amp would bring the total cost near $700. So, it got me...
  16. falcogreg

    Woo Audio 3, Little Dot 2,3-Which One?

    Am interested in a tube amp? In the price range I'm looking at, it appears these amps fit the bill. Any recommendations as to the value of these amps copared to each other? Any other ones I should consider? Also, where can I purchase the Little Dot amps? Thanks, Greg
  17. falcogreg

    SR-71 Not Driving DT 990 Pro's Well Enough.

    Ray, Is the gain on your SR-71 amps fixed at 6 or can we "flick" an internal switch to vary it? I realize you can make whatever gain you want when you design and build it but I'm just wondering if it can be varied by the user as some other amps can be. Thanks, Greg
  18. falcogreg

    x5l cradle problem?

    OK, next stupid question. Exactly where is the settings location? Don't see it under Control Panel? Thanks again, Greg
  19. falcogreg

    Upgrade Advice Please

    Thanks for the info. Keep in mind, mine are from 1987. I'd be willing to bet there have been a few changes over the years. In it's day, these were really good cans. However, progress marches on so the SR60's surpass these older generation. That was the reasoning for the question. What would I...
  20. falcogreg


    Bought an SR-71 off Ken. Transaction was fast and easy. Agreed on Sun, mailed on Mon. and recieved on Wed. Wouild definitely buy from him again!
  21. falcogreg

    Suggestions For RCA-Mini IC's

    Well, don't want to go "cheap" so RatShack is out. Already decided that was a no-go. Good idea about the DIY'ers. I'll pursue that. BTW, how do I check our RnB180's mall-fi? Thanks, Greg
  22. falcogreg

    Suggestions For RCA-Mini IC's

    Sorry for posting again. If I had been thinking I would have included in my last post. So, any ideas for a good RCA-Mini converter? I plan on going from my cd played to headphone amp which has a mini in. Also, I have a mini-mini that came with my X5. Any good or should I consider another cable...
  23. falcogreg

    Suggestions: 1/4" to mini converter

    I have a pair of Beyedynamic DT 990's circa 1987. The headphone jack is of the 1/4' variety. I have recently purchased an RS-71 which only has a mini jack for the haadphone. Hence, I need a converter jack. Any recommendations or at least things I should avoid? TIA, Greg