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  1. Toonie

    WTB MAD Ear+ HD

    Wow, it's really this hard to buy a used MAD Ear+? Just kidding. Let me know if you got one. Thanks, Casey
  2. Toonie

    WTB MAD Ear+ HD

    After a long hiatus and selling off all of my STUFF I just bought a set of Grado RS!is man I missed this. Anyway, I now need an amp. Let me know if you have the one I'm looking for. There used to be a feedback thread for me on here somewhere but it's been a while anyway let me know.  ...
  3. Toonie

    SOLD: Mapletree Audio Design, Ear HD+

    YGPM, lmk thx. Casey
  4. Toonie

    SOLD: Headamp Pico with DAC Black

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jaw007 If it is sold ,how about marking Sold. Oops. My bad. Looks like I forgot to update the listing from Sale Pending to sold. Done. Thanks for the interest and I apologize for the terrible inconvenience this must have caused. Good thing you...
  5. Toonie


    Jose bought my GS-1. This was my second deal with Jose and it was another flawless transaction. Fast payment and excellent communication. I would not hesitate to deal with Jose again. Great Head-fier! Thanks Jose and enjoy the amp. Ken
  6. Toonie

    SOLD: Ultasone Edition 9s Gonna be a dad sale

    SOLD, thanks for looking. Well I thought I would never do this but up for sale are my Ultrasone Edition 9s. Turns out I'm going to be a father so in preparation I need to sell my audio gear to make room and free up cash. Plus while I may like having closed headphones during the early months I...
  7. Toonie


    Tham bought my HD650s. Great communication, fast payment, excellent buyer. I would be happy to deal with Tham again in the future. Thanks Tham! Enjoy the 650s. Ken
  8. Toonie

    What are your main portable phones?

    PK-1s. For portable use I have found I really like buds the best. I use them un-amped which I know a lot of people frown on with the PK-1s but I am quite happy with them and think they sound great even without an amp. One less thing to carry and since I use my iPhone I don't have to carry a...
  9. Toonie

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD650

    SOLD. Thanks for all the interest, Ken. Asking $250 shipped CONUS for my Sennheiser HD650s. These are in very good condition. My reason for selling is that I am weeding out my headphones and cutting down to one pair for home which will be my Edition 9s. I can post pics if needed...
  10. Toonie

    SOLD: Black AT ES7

    I bought them on Amazon from XP Passport. Thanks for the interest, Ken
  11. Toonie


    Zach bought my Rega Saturn. Very fast payment, excellent communication, very nice guy to deal with. Thanks Zach and enjoy the Saturn!
  12. Toonie

    What song was No.1 on the day you were born?

    US Chart for me:" The Way We Were" by Barbara Streisand. Australia's No. 1: "Photograph" by Ringo Star In the UK: "Tiger Feet" by Mud
  13. Toonie

    Itty Bitty Holiday Grab: Brand New AKG K340 Velour Pads

    Well my wife just picked the name out of the hat and the winner is.... Fatman711!! Happy Holidays Head-Fi! Ken
  14. Toonie

    Supremus for the birthday boy!

    Happy Birthday and Congrats on Supremus Dave! I should be there in about 4 more years so.
  15. Toonie

    Grado: Can anyone compare the HF-1 to the HP-2?

    IMHO absolutely! Though I guess it really depends on how much you have to spend for the HP-2. They seem to be going for some silly prices recently, though I've seen some relatively good deals too. It really depends on how badly you want them and if the price justifies itself to you. I would...
  16. Toonie

    Second Part of the GS-1000 review is up

    Great Part II Zanth! Glad things settled down for you enough that you were able to finally get around to it. I'm currently Grado-less though and this doesn't help me at all. Reading this is really making me miss my Grados. Hopefully at some point I'll be able to justify owning all of my past...
  17. Toonie

    headphone sightings?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skudmunky keep an eye out, my friend wears HD201s in public and I wear my westone UM1 IEMs all the time On my walk to work from Charlestown into Boston I've seen someone wearing Grados a couple of times (same person I think). Not sure which model...
  18. Toonie


    James bought my Headfive. I've had several deals with James now and as always this was another smooth one. Great Head-Fi'er to deal with. Thanks James and enjoy the amp! Ken
  19. Toonie


    Sonicdawg bought my iBasso t2. Excellent communication, speedy payment, very friendly and a great guy to deal with. Thanks and enjoy the amp! Ken
  20. Toonie

    Itty Bitty Holiday Grab: Brand New AKG K340 Velour Pads

    Quote: Originally Posted by fatman711 what if I have a set of 340s coming? Does that count? if so, then this is a festivus miracle! Sure, incoming AKGs count too.
  21. Toonie

    SOLD: Minibox-E

    Minibox-E still available. As mentioned in OP this amp is very lightly used (two to three times) and is in like new condition. If you feel my asking price is too high please don't hesitate to make an offer. I will ship internationally as well and split shipping cost with buyer. Thanks...
  22. Toonie

    Happy Birthday daveDerek!

    Happy birthday Dave! Have a great one!
  23. Toonie

    Congratulations Jahn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations on the new addition!!!
  24. Toonie

    FS: Rega Saturn (Silver)

    Bump and Price Drop.