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  1. Fush

    Memory stick/MP3 player

    Hi! I'm looking for an MP3 player that can also work as a memory stick for storing random data like documents, pictures etc. That means that it should have a built in USB port. Price range is up to $100. What are my best options here?
  2. Fush

    Help me pick my third pair!

    I'm doing some upgrading of my portable audio equipment this summer. At the moment, my list looks like this: Sources Sony NW-HD5 Sony PSP Amplifiers Xtra X-1 Pro (on it's way in the mail as we speak) Headphones Sennheiser PX-100 Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 + two other pairs that I...
  3. Fush

    X-1, Headphonia or the Hornet?

    Hi! I'm looking to buy my first headphone amp. Not because I really need one, but just because I want to try one. The ones that have caught my attention so far are the Headphonia w/DAC, the Emmeline Hornet and the Xtra X-1. I'll probably be using it with different kinds of phones, from the...
  4. Fush

    NW-HD5 as source for stereo system

    Hi! Do any of you have any experience using the Sony NW-HD5 as source for a bigger system? Which cables would you recommend for connecting it to the receiver/amplifier?
  5. Fush

    Best cables from MP3-player to amp

    Hi! Which cables are best, performance-wise and budget-wise, for connecting my Sony NW-HD5 to my Harman Kardon HK970 stereo amplifier? Thanks for all input.
  6. Fush

    Best format for ripping to Sony players

    Hello! I am about to rip some CD's for my new Sony NW-HD5. Which of these options will give the best sound quality: 1. CD to ATRAC3PLUS 256 kbps using SonicStage. 2. CD to MP3 192 or 256 kbps using SonicStage. 3. CD to MP3 192 or 256 using jRiver (LAME encoding). Do any of you know...
  7. Fush

    Closed headphones for portable equipment

    Hello! I am looking for a good set of headphones for my Sony NW-HD5. My upper price limit is around $150. I will prefer closed ones, as I don't like to bother other people on the train, bus etc. with my music. Any suggestions? The Sennheiser HD 485 and 497 look very good both soundwise and...