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  1. Daniel L

    AirPods Max

    As of 5AM pacific these are available in the US NOW if you order for pick up in store today or 2 hour courier delivery ($5). With the extended holiday return policy, I decided to give em a try.
  2. Daniel L

    Sony MDR-1000X

    I will be returning the 1000x after I return from this trip. The white noise from the ANC is too much. It's still audible even when there's music playing and seems to degrade the quality of the audio when it's on. 
  3. Daniel L

    AKG k550 alternate ear pads?

    Right, how do I go about getting warranty replacement pads then?
  4. Daniel L

    iphone 4 sound quality

    Just a quick note as I've just started listening through it. Through sensitive IEMs it has a much much lower idle noise level in comparison to my 1g iPod nano, Macbook Air, and Thinkpad T61P. I had a 3GS last month but I don't remember what the idle noise level was like in comparison. 
  5. Daniel L

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Does it go like this: send headphones -> you pay -> they reshell -> they ship -> enjoy or send headphones -> they reshell -> you pay -> they ship - enjoy Also, how long does shipping take from them to you? I just paid for mine so I'm getting pretty excited.
  6. Daniel L

    IEMs reshelled into Custom Molds $80 in the USA (TripleFi 10, SE530, etc.) from FISHER HEARING

    Argh I sent mine off last week before this became available. Hopefully I'll get it back on time for my December travelling.
  7. Daniel L

    Unique Melody Remold Impressions Thread

    Anyone go over the difference between the UE11 and the ES3 cable? I'm stuck on cable choice and have never seen these cables in person. Any suggestions - DIY vs the other options?
  8. Daniel L

    Custom 10 Pro & Custom Shure SE530

    Bumping this thread. My E500 nozzle just broke and this thread has been very helpful.
  9. Daniel L

    Just broke my week old Se530's :(

    Same thing happened to me a couple days ago except my headphones are much older. They're barely out of warranty and Shure wants somewhere around $180 to fix them.
  10. Daniel L

    SIGN UP! Zanth's Headphone Loan Programme

    This is a great idea.
  11. Daniel L

    Finished my headphone search : beyerdynamic DT770

    Quote: Originally Posted by denl82 As a former dt770/80 owner, I think I should say that staying around this forum and reading about other headphones may lead to upgradetitus. I'm no one to give advice or anything, but as others have said,"You got headphones you like? Good. Now run from...
  12. Daniel L

    DT880, K701 or HD600? Oh, what to do...

    I had the same decision to make and I chose the DT880.
  13. Daniel L

    My Corda 2Move arrived today! :P

    I just received mine as well. It took 4 days from Germany to the east coast of the United States. I wish I had more experience with headphone amplifiers to compare the 2move against but I don't. The only thing I think I should mention is that if you're holding out for an amp, do it and get...
  14. Daniel L

    Ibasso D2..

    Any update? Nothing showed up on their page.
  15. Daniel L

    Lyrix, XM5, UHA-3, Pico, D1... which amp/DAC combo to get?

    Perhaps wait for the Ibasso D2 as it's going to have the same DAC chip as the Pico. I'm in the same situation as you and will be making my decision by the end of this month.
  16. Daniel L

    Ibasso D2..

    I inquired about the D2 and was given a time period towards the end of January. Looks like I found my portable amp. I'd pick up a Pico but it's pricey.
  17. Daniel L

    First tube amp: Little Dot MkIII, Little Dot MkIV, or Darkvoice 336i?

    Let me know what you end up deciding on as I'm considering these two amps as well.
  18. Daniel L

    Brand new Beyer DT 880 with several defects

    I know Beyer's are supposed to be well constructed but this is just ridiculous. I just got a brand new pair of DT880s and they have several defects. 1) When adjusting the length of the headband, one side is loose to the point where I have a hard time getting it to where it shows two dots...
  19. Daniel L

    Beyerdynamic DT770pro80's V Audio Technica ATH A900's

    Just to push you more towards the 770s, I preferred the sound of it over the A900s by far. The head pad things would also give me headaches.
  20. Daniel L


    Sold Charles a pair of Darth Beyers. He paid immediately after I confirmed he was the buyer. I couldn't have asked for a better buyer. Thanks!
  21. Daniel L

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 (Pro/80) VS DT 990 2005 (250)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Skylab I think the DT990 (05)'s remain under-appreciated. They are terrific headphones. I prefer the 600 ohm versions, but the 250's are great too. I listen to the DT990/250's through my ASL MG Head OTL III - truly wonderful sounding combination. The DT990's...
  22. Daniel L


    Great transaction between Robert and I. I purchased a pair of Darth Beyers from Robert and he immediately shipped them from overseas. I received them promptly in great condition and couldn't be happier with the transaction.
  23. Daniel L

    Bit of advice starting off :Photography

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Sony Alpha A100. It, argueably, has the best kit lens out of the entry level DSLRs and has picked up great reviews everywhere. It also has a decent upgrade path as well.
  24. Daniel L

    wireless router recommendations needed

    I've had 3 Netgears die on me. 1 Linksys running DD-WRT died as well. Dont yell at me here but my Apple Extreme 802.11N has been running smooth for 3 months. I don't even have an Apple computer and I'm connecting just fine at 300Mbps.