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  1. Len

    The Reference 6SN7 Thread

    You may have gotten a tired pair because I can confirm (having listened to hundreds of true Bad Boys vs VT-231) that the Bad Boy bass is FAR superior.  And neither the VT-231 nor the Bad Boys should have harsh, grainy, fatiguing treble.  They're actually known for outstanding treble, which is my...
  2. Len

    The Reference 6SN7 Thread

    One of the rarest 6SN7 variants is now on ebay in NIB condition: the 33S30B   It'll be fun to see how crazy expensive this pair fetches.
  3. Len

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    Mechans invited me to take a look at this thread :)   Regarding the "Western Electric 6SN7GT," here's a short history lesson.  Western Electric, as we all know, is one of the great American tube manufacturers.  The interesting factoid that few people know is that WE opened up a low-key...
  4. Len

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

      edit: From what I've read, the R stands for "replacement" (not OEM issue).  The other letters/numbers represents year, quarter, and production but I don't know how to read it.  My 6SN7 and tube interests kinda stop in the 1950s :)
  5. Len

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    Sylvania codes are as follows: If you see six numbers (either in a row or in two pairs of three):  First three numbers will read 312, which is Sylvania's manufacturer code.  The next three numbers tell you the year and month.  The first digit of the three numbers is the last digit of the year. ...
  6. Len

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    I've got four SS3S0 and to be honest, they're soooooo not worth their price.  They sound like a fuller body 5692 with a touch immediacy (not as laid back as the RCA or CBS).  But the price ... I wouldn't bother.  I got more of a kick finding generic "Standard brand" boxes for these Swede...
  7. Len

    6SN7 Tube Addicts

    Thanks Cee Tee.  I'll take a look at both.  I don't know if I can afford running seven 6SN7s for the EC :P   Here's a pic of my main NOS/NIB 6SN7 collection.  It's about 20% of my NOS 6SN7 collection, but the tubes in this case are honestly holy grails and took forever to assemble...
  8. Len


    Perfect transaction from start to finish. A pleasure to do business with. Thanks, and enjoy!
  9. Len


    Eric was a joy to do business with. Intelligent, fair, communicative, and honest. I would not hesitate to buy or sell to him whatsoever. Thanks!
  10. Len

    FS: Eddie Current HD-300 amplifer (yes, you read it right :P)

    For Sale: Eddie Current HD-300 headphone amplifier Yes, these exists This amp is no longer in production and virtually never shows up on the used marketplace. It was hand-produced in small quantities. I’m reluctantly parting with mine because I simply don’t listen to headphones much anymore...
  11. Len


    Always a pleasure to do business with Bruce. Every transaction is smooth and friendly. Many thanks again! Enjoy the power conditioner.
  12. Len

    FS: VTL IT-85 vacuum tube integrated amplifier *prices lowered*

    Dropped the prices on the amp itself and the optional tube set.
  13. Len

    FS: VTL IT-85 vacuum tube integrated amplifier *prices lowered*

    Monday bump This is an outstanding headphone amp (and a great speaker amp). Think Cary SLI-80, which I've owned in the past. This is in the same league as that amp, the SEI-300 (though different), Singlepowers (which I've owned three of), and Ray's amps (tonally similar to the Stealth)
  14. Len

    FS: VTL IT-85 vacuum tube integrated amplifier *prices lowered*

    For Sale: VTL IT-85 Vacuum Tube Integrated Amplifier Black chassis model Original box, manual, and remote control included. Looking for a tube integrated for your speakers or as a premier headphone amplifier? This VTL IT-85 may be your ticket. This unit is in like new condition, with...
  15. Len


    Sold a pair of Omega speakers to Min. He paid quickly and picked up the speakers in person. This was a totally positive experience. I would gladly do business with Min again. I hope these speakers gets you hooked on the speaker experience
  16. Len

    FS: Cerious Liquid Ceramic interconnects

    For sale is my brand new Cerious Liquid Ceramic interconnects. These are 2M in length and RCA terminated. They have a very "SET" presentation that works especially well with solid state or PP tubed amps. It's too much of a good thing with my 300B SETs though. I've already sold off my used...
  17. Len

    FS: Omega Grande 6R single driver high eff speaker

    For sale is my Omega Grande 6R pair. These are in like new condition, rarely used and kindly driven by a 2 watt amplifier. Original box and packaging included. I am the original owner and had purchased this premium R version Omega Grande for $1100 from Quest For Sound. Selling only because I’ve...
  18. Len

    FS: new Cerious Liquid Ceramic interconnects (2M)

    $650 shipped price, anyone? This is a brand new pair. That's $600 off new price!
  19. Len

    Cure worst than the disease? power conditioners and strips

    I don't see a UPC review. UPCs work differently then UO (more akin to what Shunyata employs), so it's unfair to extrapolate data from the UO measurements for the UPC. The reviewer of that article concluded the UO made a signficant audible difference/improvement. The empircal data shows little...
  20. Len

    FS: Denon DVD-2800

    For sale is my trusty Denon DVD-2800 progressive scan DVD player. I'll post pics and more information at a later time, but you can check out the following review for more information: I'm going to price it to sell quickly. $175 plus split...
  21. Len

    Shunyata Research Hydra Model 4

    I'm the last person in the world who wants to defend Shunyata's pricing. However, for starters, comparing Shunyata to Monster is ridiculous. It's not remotely the same (either in design or how they sound).