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  1. userlander

    FS: Audiotailor Jade - Like New [SOLD]

    Like new condition Audiotailor Jade OTL tube amp. Dual output with two sound profiles, one side has more detail, the other one is more "tubey." This gives the amp a great deal of flexibility, even aside from its excellent upgrade potential with tube rolling. It also has a high/low gain...
  2. userlander

    When Does the Name of the Forum Change

    to uDAC-Fi? lol
  3. userlander

    FS: NuForce uDAC - *SOLD*

    *** SOLD *** Up for sale is a NuForce uDAC, in excellent, nearly new condition, Color: black. This DAC was only used for a few hours for testing, and you probably wouldn't even be able to tell it from brand new. Comes in original packaging, including user manual and USB cable. This is a...
  4. userlander

    Movie Soundtracks

    Anyone here into movie soundtracks? I never paid much attention to them before, writing off the genre as kind of "pop classical," but I picked up some used CDs last week and am surprised to find that a lot of this stuff is really enjoyable. These are the titles I got - just some composers...
  5. userlander

    WTB: Keces DA-151

    Looking for a Mk2 in good condition. If you're thinking about getting rid of one, send me a PM, thanks.
  6. userlander

    Just Curious - Question About the For Sale Forum

    Why do people in the head-fi For Sale forum remove the price after they've sold something? I mean, what's the big secret? Ebay or most other forums I've seen don't remove the price after someone has bought something -- in fact, ebay goes out of it's way to list the "Winning bid: $xyz." Hiding...
  7. userlander

    FS: Paradigm Atom Bookshelf Speakers ***SOLD***

    1 pair of Paradigm Atom speakers, v.2, in excellent condition. These look and sound great. I upgraded my HT system, and now these have to go. They'd make a great bookshelf system, HT mains or surrounds, or even a nice computer setup. I had them hooked up to my computer for a while and they...
  8. userlander

    Six Marimbas - Steve Reich

    Anyone else a fan of this piece? I listened to it last night with my HD600s, pretty nice. Here's a very lo-fi youtube version - the sound's not the greatest, but it's pretty interesting to see people actually play it! part 1 + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then...
  9. userlander

    Senn 600/650 Owners...

    Does that funky smell ever go away?
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    N/M - mods please delete.
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    Seeing the Rod Blagojevich news coverage this week of him stinting as a DJ, all I could think of thanks to this forum is, "I wonder what those AKGs sound like?" YouTube - Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich becomes a radio talk jock. Can anyone name the model? Just curious. Some kind...