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  1. Jahn

    On eBay: Jahn's old Portable rig source - iPod with 3k+ songs   Hope I'm doing this right, if not, my apologies, it's been a while.   Finally letting go of this iPod, which has a lot of Head-Fi history on it in terms of songs brought to meets and such in the NYC area for portable rigs.  50...
  2. Jahn

    FA: Cardas Neutral Reference RCA Interconnects .5 Meters   Hi all, that's my eBay auction for my Cardas Neutral Reference RCA Interconnects .5 Meters.  Honestly it's been so long since I've been here that I don't remember if posting auctions are ok, if they aren't let me know and I'll...
  3. Jahn

    FA: Xin Supermacro V1, Yep I'll ship Worldwide!

    Xin Supermacro Headphone Amp - Free Worldwide Shipping! - eBay (item 320476758744 end time Jan-25-10 10:48:50 PST) Since I have zero idea what a V1 would go for these days, I put it up on eBay and I'll let the world market dictate the price. I think I took some pretty detailed pics of...
  4. Jahn


    Bought my RSA Hornet, nice and easy transaction, enjoy the amp!
  5. Jahn

    WTT/FS: Your HF-2 for "Jahn's Ridiculous Dog Walkin' Rig!"

    Portable Rig (The "Dog Walkin' Rig"):30gig 5G iPod Video(Black) w/BestSkinEver (Back/Sides) & InvisibleShield (Front/Scrollwheel) & PodsPlus Black Aluminum Case => Apple Radio Remote w/Sumajin Smartwrap => RnBAudio "The Jahn" Custom BlackDiamond 4" Mini/Mini Cable w/Gold Straight Plugs => "The...
  6. Jahn

    Before the Music Dies.

    See it for free. Hulu - Before the Music Dies - Watch the full feature film now. Man this makes me sad.
  7. Jahn

    Yikes, I guess this guitar foray is turning out ok!

    So as y'all know, The Curse has many forms. Just when I cut loose from cans, the Guitar bug caught me. And just as that was letting go, the worst of the worst - HOME RECORDING. So now that just inflamed the old can and guitar curses, into a never ending spiral towards musical recorded relevancy...
  8. Jahn

    Kutiman's Thru-You is Awesome. That is All.

    Probably been all over by now, but I just finally listened to the whole playlist from beginning to end and a few of these are freaking inspired. YouTube - Kutiman-Thru-you - 01 - Mother of All Funk Chords Don't forget to play em with headphones on, as you can hear the bass better that way...
  9. Jahn

    DIY your own Solder Fume Hood!

    MAKE: Blog: How to: Candy tin fume extractor So now you can make that Cmoy amp in a tin while using your fume extractor in a tin to help you out!
  10. Jahn

    Tube Blast from the Past - the Blackburn factory tour

    Have Mullards, will Travel! Film Reels
  11. Jahn

    What is the cheapest used CD out there that you like?

    So I was just trolling some bands I like, and hit on Raffi's Revenge by Asian Dub Foundation. Great album, like Public Enemy with jungle sitar. But used, it's only going for 39 cents! Used and New: Rafi's Revenge And that's through Amazon no less. Depressing. What albums do...
  12. Jahn

    Japan makes a headphone I swear was made by Duggeh.

    Company tests eye-controlled 'wearable' gadgets - Now that's classy!
  13. Jahn

    SOLD: STAX Lambda Pro and SRM-1 MKII Amp

    Here it is folks, the timeless STAX Lambda Pro and SRM-1 MKII, just my fave electrostatic combo. But as you might know, I'm a big Grado geek, so it's time for someone else to appreciate them. Multiple folks at mini/regional/National meets here in NYC can attest to the fact that this particular...
  14. Jahn

    Head-Fi Mysteries.

    Once in a while I remember something that we've discussed here that we've collectively said "oh well, that's a mystery" and given up on. Might be nice to post them up. And no, not the "What happened to Scrypt/Jagwire/Patrick" or "Where is Merton lurking now" type of posts, please! I'm...
  15. Jahn

    Anime Headphone Gals - for Profit?

    a site called animecraze is using this as an ad banner - that's the headphone gal from the musume we link to, and the guitarist from Beck, and so forth. i wonder if these artists are being paid for their work? probably not.
  16. Jahn


    Pick your brackets! All welcome, even if you don't know anything about college basketball (or as they call it in Europe, "not futbol"). College Basketball Tournament Pick'em - Yahoo! Sports Then pick "Join a Group" Group # 152188 Password # wallet
  17. Jahn

    When virtual forums meet real life.

    18 year old owns a 500hp BMW M5. He goes on a BMW forum to ask how to best shift up at 140mph. Rough shifts-M mode - The Unofficial BMW M5 Messageboard ( Before the thread's over he's killed himself and four of his friends in his car. Airstrip Crash- Florida- 5 killed- 2008...
  18. Jahn

    Scary when a Real-life buzzword imitates a forum term of art.

    "Ru" - life imitates art! Look at #60...And the scary thing is that the definition is very close to the origins of "Ru" here on Head-fi! "60. Ru-speak [(ichiren no) ruugo - (一連の)ルー語]: “Ru-speak” refers to comedian/actor Ru Oshiba’s unique style of mixing English words with Japanese."
  19. Jahn

    Inventions you knew were Japanese before they even told you.

    C'mon now, that's just ridiculous.
  20. Jahn

    Worst iPod Accessory Evar.

    I used to have a Siamese Fighting Fish too. Mine would chew right through this thing in anger.
  21. Jahn

    Why did you do this to Speed Racer? WHHHYYY???

    Speed Racer - Trailer Download, View Trailers NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo.......
  22. Jahn

    Fabio, how could you?

    Our very own Fabio, Audiophile Extraordinaire, tussled with Clooney, one of Ocean's 11/12/13. Fabio won.