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  1. maxmays1

    Sony Xperia Z5 Headphones putting my premium headphones to shame?

    I've been absent from this site for a while now since my last major headphone purchase (Sony MDR-EX1000) has been serving me extremely well for almost 4 years. Over the last year or so i have been treating those like garbage and as such the quality has diminished, mostly because of the cords...
  2. maxmays1

    Looking For A new pair of OPEN over the Ears cans and proper AMP to match. Mid range price

    So i have been a Beyer users for quiet some time now, using almost all of the Recent DT series with a mix of amps. but i have been looking for a new sound lately. I like the sound of the Beyerdynamics as they work great with a host of sounds, but i'm starting to get annoyed with Neutral tonal...