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  1. GMF2010

    FS: Signal Cable MagicPower 3ft Power Cord

    Up for sale is a Signal Cable MagicPower 3ft Power Cord in excellent condition. This is a great power cable upgrade at an entry level price. Asking price is $0LD, shipped to CONUS. 10 AWG 3 conductor twisted design High purity stranded copper for maximum conductivity Premium grade jacket...
  2. GMF2010

    SOLD: Norse (Norne) Audio - Skuld Series Copper Litz XLR Balanced Interconnects

    For sale is a pair of 25" (connector to connector) balanced XLR interconnects from the Skuld Series by Norse (now Norne) Audio. The cable and connectors are in good condition with no damages. Asking $0LD, shipped to CONUS. Payment via PayPal.
  3. GMF2010

    SOLD: Etymotic ER4-PT

  4. GMF2010

    SOLD: Etymotic ER4-PT

    Sorry, I'm looking for a cash sale.
  5. GMF2010

    SOLD: Etymotic ER4-PT

    Up for sale is a pair of barely used Etymotic ER4-PT (this includes the ER4 P to S Converter Cable). Included is the following: Original Cardboard Box Headphones in Like New Condition Original Hard Storage Box Original Zippered Soft Storage Pouch Original Bag of Foam Tips (Unused), Large White...
  6. GMF2010

    Audeze LCD Series Leather Headband (Brown)

    Up for sale is an extra LCD series headband I purchased and never used. This is the brown version. I no longer own my LCD-3 and have no use for an extra headband.   Asking $75, net to me, shipped to the CONUS. International buyers contact me for shipping options.
  7. GMF2010

    FS: Audeze LCD Headband and Yoke Assembly (Brown)

    Up for sale is a brand new Audeze, LCD series, brown leather headband with full yoke assembly. This is in the same condition as the day I received it from Audeze.   Asking $120 net to me, shipped to CONUS. International buyers contact me for shipping options.
  8. GMF2010

    Balancing Act Tube Rolling

    Just a heads up to anyone that may be interested, I'm currently trying to sell off my headphone gear and my BA is sadly up for grabs.
  9. GMF2010

    LCD-3 (non-fazored) with Travel Case + 15ft Norse Cable!

    Up for sale is my LCD-3 headphones (non-fazored). This pair was repaired by Audeze in January 2013 during which they received brand new drivers. Since that time, I have put less then 50 hours on these headphones; they are practically new.   The wood grain on this pair is tight and symmetrical...
  10. GMF2010

    PS Audio PWD MkII (Factory) with Bridge + Plexiglass Cover + More

    Up for sale is my PWD MkII with bridge. This unit is an MkII model with bridge straight from PS Audio and was NOT upgraded from a kit.   The unit was kept under plexiglass when not in use, so it is in pristine condition.   Original box, memory, card, remote, and cable is included.   Asking price...
  11. GMF2010

    PS Audio P5 Power Regenerator

    Up for sale is my immaculate P5 regenerator. The unit has been kept under plexiglass when not in use, so it is truly in perfect condition.   Remote, original box, cable, and memory card is included.   Asking $OLD, shipped. Local pick up in the NYC area is definitely welcome/preferred. For an...
  12. GMF2010

    Perfect Wave DAC Owner Unite

    If anyone is looking for a replacement piano finished lid for the PWD or Direct Stream, let me know. I have one brand new in the box, direct from PS Audio. I'm selling all my headphone gear, so I won't be needing it.
  13. GMF2010

    Replacement Piano Lid for PS AUDIO PWD / Direct Stream

    Up for sale is a brand new in box replacement piano finish lid for the PWD or Direct Stream DAC. If you scratched or chipped your lid, this is a great opportunity to replace the lid with a brand new one from the factory.   The lid is still in the original box as I received it from PS Audio.  ...
  14. GMF2010

    Eddie Current Balancing Act + KR PX-4 + High-End Drivers + More ****PRICE DROP****

    As much as it pains me to let it go, I'm ready to part with my Eddie Current Balancing Act. This version is capable of accepting PX4 and 300B tubes. I received the amp on 10/7/2011 and it has not been powered on in well over a year. The amplifier has been stored under plexiglass and is in the...
  15. GMF2010

    Genuine Etymotic P to S Conversion Cable for ER4P *NEW* -- PRICE DROP!!

    For sale is a brand new Etymotic P to S Cable. This will convert your ER4P to the S variant. This is an original cable purchased from Etymotic.   These cables will run you about $60 with shipping if purchased direct from Etymotic.   Asking price is $25.00, net to me. I'll cover shipping.