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  1. phil2dot6

    Seattle Meet at Bottlehead Headquarters 8/04/2012

    I can bring the Etys. Not sure if I have much else to offer, but I can bring up my gear for a few hours :)  
  2. phil2dot6

    Headstage Arrow HE: Reviews, Impressions, Perceptions & Sensations

    Has anybody ordered from the latest batch to come out this week? I still have yet to receive confirmation from Robert regarding my order that was supposed to be shipped on the 15th.  
  3. phil2dot6

    Apogee Duet

  4. phil2dot6

    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Is it too late to count me and my friend in? I've got a pair of iM716's (with the 30gig Zune), Sony V6's, soon to be Go-Vibe Petite, and my cousin's HD600; my friend has a pair of HD580's and a CMoy. Edit: Might also bring the Monica 2 if anybody's mildly interested... or not interested.
  5. phil2dot6

    Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted.

    Sennheiser PX200. Sounded good to the guys next to me, but didn't for my ears; sold them to another head-fier.
  6. phil2dot6

    UM1, e2c, iM716 or CX-300 ??? Don't want to start a flame thread, but just to show where I'm getting my information, click on the above link. I still have yet to buy the 3's once I have the funds to support my purchase. UE has apparently replaced and upgraded...
  7. phil2dot6

    UM1, e2c, iM716 or CX-300 ??? 3? ($70) Just as a reminder, if you sweat, and you have to loop wires around your ear, wires will strip. Ultimate Ears provide replacement cables for their IEM's; a service I don't see any other company provide.
  8. phil2dot6

    Durability Issue between IEM's

    Does anybody out there have trouble with stripping wires after years of use with their UM1?
  9. phil2dot6

    Durability Issue between IEM's

    Thanks everybody for the reply! Jasper, do you know if Westone provides the same service?
  10. phil2dot6

    HELP! My E2C's is unclothing itself!

    I've been using the Shure E2C for about 2 years now and somehow, one of the wires started striping off the plastic casing. I think it might've been due to the fact that I wear glasses and it probably caught onto the metal band and kinda sawed off some of the plastic. Is there a way to somehow...
  11. phil2dot6

    FS: Shure e2c's

    These are on sale at for $65... Get them while they're hot! Click Here For Direct Link
  12. phil2dot6

    Line Out Problem?

    I've just recently bought a Chaintech AV710 from eBay for $25, but after 30 days from the time I purchased the item, the line in burnt out. Here's the story... Since my speakers were plugged into my soundcard, and I didn't want to use the speaker's line out to plug in my headphones, I took out...
  13. phil2dot6

    The upcoming MD/VA/DC area meet is Sat, Oct 2 at 1:00 PM!!

    I might be able to go as well, but all I have with me so far is a pair of V6's, and still waiting for the Shure E2's to come in the mail. I'm still working out on the whole, "need to bum a ride from somebody else," problem. Anybody coming from Baltimore?
  14. phil2dot6

    Can't get Kernel Streaming. Please help

    Sadly, I've got the same error with Maxvla...
  15. phil2dot6

    headphones for dnb production

    The Beyer's definitely need an amp if you want that big bass sound. But of course, if you don't want the amp, you can always settle with a Sony MDR-V6, as they have a good bass response, and they're good for referencing... all you gotta do is change the pads if you decide on the V6's. Also...
  16. phil2dot6

    digikey jack wiring (img inside)

    I was looking for the same thing, however, I found this: Which one is correct?
  17. phil2dot6

    muhahahaha I have the sony v600s again!

    I once accidentally recommended the V600's to a friend because I forgot that the V6's didn't have two zeros preceding the name...
  18. phil2dot6

    CD3000 group buy thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by intlplby they sent me an address for the B2B now .... i hate phones so i'll send a letter to sony to place a bid of 12500 for 50 CD3000s thats 250+ each plus shipping for the whole lot it would probably come out to 275 or so after it all If it...
  19. phil2dot6


    He was selling some V6's and I took them off of his hands in new condition. I got them like they were advertised and I'm very satisfied.