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  1. dncnexus

    Bottlehead Energizer

    Selling my Bottlehead Energizer. On the website it is the blue one. This has the additional $100 option for upgraded pot. Bought this back in August time, looking to get $1300 for this plus shipping/insurance. No trades. Let me know if you have any questions.
  2. dncnexus

    2359glenn | studio

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, but there are too many pages to go through to figure it out. I have heard some conflicting information, is Glenn still taking orders for amps? Was curious and was interested in possibly grabbing one. Thanks anybody for the information!
  3. dncnexus

    Brand New Focal Clear

    Hey, Trying to sell a pair of brand new Focal Clear I won in raffle. Have less than 1 hour of usage on them. Looking to get $1.1k plus shipping and fees, but open to offers. Will post pics shortly If you have any questions dm me
  4. dncnexus

    ZMF Verite

    It is Camphor Burl stained purple
  5. dncnexus

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    I love going through this thread, so thought to finally share my setup Gear: Yggdrasil GS DNA Starlett Bottlehead Tube Electrostatic Energizer Eddie Current Black Widow 2 Darkvoice 336SE Bottlehead Crack w/ Speedball (Not Pictured) Cans: ZMF Auteur HD 6XX KISS Nectar Hive HD 560S (loaner)
  6. dncnexus

    [CLOSED] Nectarsound Hive & STAX SRM-006t electrostatic setup

    You are trying to offer about 50% of the price of the headphones? Really?
  7. dncnexus

    Asgard 3 + Modius

    Am looking to sell my Asgard 3 and Modius. I have had them for about 3 months now, both are like new. I am looking for Asgard 3: $170 shipped paypal Modius: $170 shipped paypal IF you want both I can drop both down to $150 for a total of $300. Will be shipping with all the original packaging...
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  9. dncnexus

    Help with tube amp

    I actually keep a Vali 2 on my setup as just a tube amp to use with my lower impedance headphones. So if you have any maybe good to keep it
  10. dncnexus

    Headphones for Airports

    I use the Little Bear B4 tube amp with Monoprice M300 Edit: This is what I use after I am in places. I travel alot for work and use this as my portable setup in hotels. As for flights, I use an IEM. Right now I am testing out the Massdrop Plus but I have used the Orion, and SE215 in the past.
  11. dncnexus

    Help with tube amp

    The DV is the most tubey and the best tube of all stated if you want an actual tube amp. The Schiit tubes are kind of lacking in the space, but ok if you are ok with more SS sounding tubes. I personally use a DV after testing multiple of these you stated. I am eventually gonna get a Feliks Elise...
  12. dncnexus

    Vali 2 Hiss

    Tubes have a hiss on high gain if the headphones are getting too much power. I would try low gain, which will get rid of the hiss. Other than that not sure what to say, it shouldn't be the tube as far as I know