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  1. marios_mar

    WTT (EU) my HD6xx (HD650)+cash trade for Grado RS1

    bump trade still wanted preferrably.
  2. marios_mar

    WTB LCD-2, SENN HD800, BEYER T1, HE560, grado RS-1 (within the EU)

    Wanted to buy either of those: LCD-2 SENN HD800 BEYER T1 HE560 RS-1 for a good price and condition. pm me.
  3. marios_mar

    Beyer T1 vs Grado RS1 vs Sennheiser HD660s vs HD700

    I have the 250ohm version of the 770s. The HD800 I enjoyed the mids to be honest. And it was pretty much perfect. The bass was the deepest I've heard along with my STAX, just with more impact. So I wondered how the T1 would be in comparison.
  4. marios_mar

    Beyer T1 vs Grado RS1 vs Sennheiser HD660s vs HD700

    Well, actually I am not trying to start a VS thread. But here is what I am looking for: I am looking for a great headphone up to 600 euro used. I appreciate the Sennheiser mids. I currently own a pair of HD650s and a pair of DT770 pro. I like the low bass impact of the Beyer's but I feel like...
  5. marios_mar

    FS Beyer DT770 250ohm (used for a few hours)-EU

    Box included, very little usage hours. Probably not even properly burned in. Price 90 euro.
  6. marios_mar

    WTT (EU) my HD6xx (HD650)+cash trade for Grado RS1

    boxed in excellent condition. Trade for RS1 grado (any version) + cash
  7. marios_mar

    FT: Sennheiser IE80 (genuine) - virtually new, for trade with Grado or HD600 or similar here are some pictures. I am located in Greece so no import taxes for either of us. Let me consider your offer and I'll get back to you. I had a trade offer for Massdrop HD6xx which should be the better pair, but 580s were my first hi-fi headphone and I have an...
  8. marios_mar

    BEYERDYNAMIC DT-770 250ohm excellent (EU)

    not necessarily only EU. I mentioned it in the ad to show where I am located. thanks
  9. marios_mar

    You think going to IE800 unamped will make a huge difference...

    from some of the better IEM that come with high end galaxy samsung phones. My samsung pair is dual driver and sounds pretty good. I was wondering if buying a hi end pair of IEMs to use un amped with my laptop and phone is a good or bad idea.
  10. marios_mar

    Stax SR507 earspeakers + STAX SRM-006t tube amp (EU)

    price dropping to 900. Deal broke with buyer and these remain unsold.
  11. marios_mar

    The Ruizu X02 DAP thread

    So guys is thid genuine? Should I attempt a firmware update? (see attached photos) images upload
  12. marios_mar

    The Ruizu X02 DAP thread

    I bought three x02 daps for me and friends. How could I identify if they are genuine? Would some pics help?
  13. marios_mar

    ie800 Sennheiser

    good condition. especially the cable... should not crackle or interrupt or anything. Cable must be perfect in every way. Headphone itself should be in perfect working conditions. I don't mind the cosmetic condition too much. Also the included accessories must be present. Lastly means of...
  14. marios_mar

    Stax SR507 earspeakers + STAX SRM-006t tube amp (EU)

    Earspearks boxed, like new basically. Amp excellent condition. Both work perfectly and sound amazing. I can make any hi-res pictures you like on request. No trades please unless they include IE800 Sennheiser plus cash. new price 900 euro
  15. marios_mar

    Stax SS amp

    If you have one of those send me an offer. I am also interested in a headphone/amp combo as well if available. Preferably from the EU.