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  1. blux

    Interest Check - Sony MD MZ-E44 Walkman

    Anyone interested? Its metallic blue. Comes with everything, even a recepit from when I bought it for $86 at Audio King. All literature, cheap headphones never opened. I can provide pictures if needed. Please email me if interested, or reply in the thread. I may put it up on ebay for $20 if...
  2. blux

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F828

    Anyone have one? Anyone thinking of buying one?? I am going on a cruise on the 20th, and I'm looking into getting a nice digicam.. I have a nice 35MM SLR minolta, but I need to step into the "real" digital age.. I have a digital camera now, its a "concord" EyeQue 3100 AF. Let me tell you, it...
  3. blux

    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9

    Here's a pic from I know this is probably a repeat thread, but I searched and couldnt find anything about these. Anyone have any experiance with them? Any reviews? They look VERY sweet... Edit: I know I remember seeing a thread with a review on these... :/