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  1. jrkong

    SPEAR Labs™ Information, Impressions, Reviews & Discussion Thread

    This thread is going to be for all things SPEAR Labs™, the new company founded by Dale Lott. Dale created SPEAR Labs™ completing his 3 year contract with Fender as their VP of Product Development which was a part of the acquisition of Aurisonics. SPEAR stands for Special Products for the EAR...
  2. jrkong

    Fender IEM (Aurisonics) Impressions, Reviews & Discussions Thread

    OK our last thread got locked so before anything happens I want to get a few things straight: Don't bash Aurisonics based the impressions you read. Aurisonics IEM's were not specifically designed with audiophiles in mind, musicians (specifically vocalists) were the target. SO DON'T COMPLAIN...
  3. jrkong

    Grado SR80i Review

     ***Please note this is not the final review but first impressions, it will be refined later***   Grado SR80i Review   These are my first Grado cans and they looked beautiful the first time I saw them. The first impression I got from looking at these was they were some retro headphones from...
  4. jrkong

    Comply T500 Foam Tips Review

    So i just got a hold of a few pairs of comply T500 foam tips curtsy of Comply (thanks again for providing them) and i just couldn't wait to get a review up for these. Pros These eartips just DESTROY every stock eartip(comes with the earphone) in fit, comfort and isolation. plastic...
  5. jrkong

    Sennheiser IE 7 Review

     Well it is sad to say but the IE 7's have been discontinued  by Sennheiser, it sucks but it's true.   The IE7's Pros Mid based headphones that have great dynamic balance that does well with all genres  Bass is NEVER too strong or too soft and is enough to satisfy almost...
  6. jrkong

    Sennheiser IE 8 Review

    Pros Overall excellent sound Bass knob (but you won't use it much, trust me) Improved highs over the IE7's Extremely ergonomic shape Removable cables Durable case that looks nice when placed on a desk Cons There is a mid bass hump which may become distracting at times, but you...
  7. jrkong

    Blog to help educate your non-audiophile friends

    Ever since i got into serious audio, I've had friends asking me what this means or how to tell if a pair of headphones are good. This has been going on for a while and I find myself repeating what I say very often so I decided to start a blog to help others get started.   it will include a...
  8. jrkong


    if anyone knows where to buy this in canada preferably in the toronto markham area plz let me know or if you have one for sale in good condition also let me know and GIVE ME A PM
  9. jrkong

    Bose on ears what some may not realize

    i have heard bad reviews about Bose here but i saw the bose on ears for 40 bucks so i got them   first of all I would agree that bose is overrated and over priced   But i would disagree that the Bose sound sig is matched by a 70 dollar OME what many people may not realize is the response...