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  1. Daniel L

    Brand new Beyer DT 880 with several defects

    I know Beyer's are supposed to be well constructed but this is just ridiculous. I just got a brand new pair of DT880s and they have several defects. 1) When adjusting the length of the headband, one side is loose to the point where I have a hard time getting it to where it shows two dots...
  2. Daniel L

    Ipod 5G Carbon Fiber Case

    From a thread I found in this section, I managed to contact Jason at C6 Manufacturing to acquire one of the prototype 5G cases. As promised, here are the pics: It doesn't add much volume to the Ipod as it is very thin. However, the case will take the force of a fall should...
  3. Daniel L

    WTB: Echo Indigo Any Flavor

    Hi, just like the title says, I'm looking for an Echo Indigo at the usual prices. $90shipped for the dual out old one or $110shipped for any of the new ones. Thanks!
  4. Daniel L

    WTB: Audio Technica A900

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of these. I need them soon because I'm travelling in about 5 days. Thanks!