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  1. aussiebuddha

    bluetooth receiver with surround

    Hi guys.   decided to get rid of my Sony PS3 surround kit, that was great, but to watch movies in bed, very uncomfortable. Does anyone know if any of the BT audio receivers do surround or headphone virtualization in windows?
  2. aussiebuddha

    Creative Aurvana Live! brand new in box.

    Hi All   I just bought a set of 2X creative aurvana live! due to being cheaper by the pair.   so i've got one of them for sale boxed, untouched and with the receipt. $55 (cost price) pickup in sydney or posted.   Cheers  
  3. aussiebuddha

    recommendation on in ear earphones with neck strap.

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy an in ear earphone with a neck strap so i can hang my mp3 player from it. Any ideas on which one to buy? I did some googling around and havent found much. thanks!!
  4. aussiebuddha

    Help a newbie make a good $50 choice

    hi Guys As you can see from the subject I'm a newbie, I do have a lot of experience in full sized speakers and what i call "sane audiophile" equipment, qhich is the equipment that is good, but you can still afford without being filthy rich or insane. Anyways, I'm looking to buy a pair of...