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  1. luukas

    Reducing the gain of an Encore?

    I've been using a pair of inline attenuators thus far, but would like to modify the amp so that it'd work better with efficient headphones. The current gain values are 3/11, and I suspect something like 1/6 would be just fine. Not that there's any need to alter the higher gain value - I never...
  2. luukas

    Grado weight - plastic vs. metal

    Simple question: has anyone measured how much the SR-series 'phones weigh as opposed to the ms-2i/325i? I really want to upgrade from the SR125s (lack of deep bass being the primary issue), but can't justify the purchase of the higher end RS-2/1. And while I could buy a pair of 225s, I feel they...
  3. luukas

    Foobar 0.9 out!

    And it's about time, too. Not that we can demand anything. Now to wait for components... ASIO would be nice.
  4. luukas


    Sold smeerkaas my Porta Corda II. Really friendly buyer, quick to respond and paid as soon as I provided all the necessary details (oops!). Heartily recommended.
  5. luukas

    FS: Porta Corda II (EU preferred)

    Since I bought the Encore, I have no need for this little amp anymore. Aside from slight modification (explanation & pictures to follow), the condition is just about flawless, as I've only used it at home. I'm also the original owner. The amp has been in my possession for slightly over 15...
  6. luukas

    Splitting a starquad for two outputs, which way is better?

    Here's a mock-up (paint ) picture since explaining this would take more time: Should I split the leads to 2/2 or pass the whole thing through the RCA jacks?
  7. luukas

    X-Fi digital output woes

    I posted one issue already in another thread, but figured it would be best to start a new one when other problems arose... 1) Is it possible to control volume via the X-Fi drivers when using digital output? There's far too little headroom with the PC II right now, going from channel imbalance...
  8. luukas

    Is my 1GB Shuffle defective?

    At least I really hope this isn't normal - at first I didn't notice the hiss and, well, EM interference (bleeps, blops and such, pitch change when the led is active and so forth). This oversight was caused by the KSC-35's, which aren't as sensitive as the other 'phones I tried. It's simply...
  9. luukas

    0404 - capturing output using Audacity?

    Nevermind! Simply sending ASIO to Wave solved this problem. Stupid, stupid me...
  10. luukas

    If you value your senses, skip this video

    Don't ask me where it came from. I very much hope it's fake... otherwise I can't but feel sorry for the people involved.
  11. luukas

    Looking for a reliable 5-6GB portable...

    ...that does not rely on proprietary software, ie. functions as an USB drive. Properties weighed in this order: reliability > sound quality > battery life > looks. Shouldn't be too expensive either. Oh yes, lineout would be a good feature, as I have a PC II. I'm only somewhat familiar with Zen...
  12. luukas

    Who needs caffeine when you have music!

    Arr, I'm once again stuck at my PC, listening to music when I should really be getting some sleep. Can't...stop! Ever since I joined Head-Fi I've faced this "problem" more and more often. I want to kick myself for not being able to stop listening, and yet won't, since being so immersed in...
  13. luukas

    0404 doesn't seem to like games?

    Or vice versa? Anyway, the playback just flat out stops randomly. I've tried using the card in Natural Selection (HL mod) and ETFortress, with little luck. Each time the card went mute, mostly after several minutes, but once it happened after only a few seconds. This is just a wild guess, but it...
  14. luukas

    DT250-250's out of the box - how will they sound, and...

    ...what are the most signifigant changes after they've been burned in? I'm going to audition a pair tomorrow, and would like to know how to properly evaluate the sound. I didn't ask, but I most likely can't borrow them for a day or two, much less for long enough for them to burn in, hence the...
  15. luukas

    Could use some advice with a speaker setup

    I'm looking to put together a decent-sounding stereo setup, one not intended for focused listening, just to have some music around. And since I've no intention to re-arrange the room these will be used in, proper positioning won't simply happen. I've been contemplating on getting NXT-based...
  16. luukas

    PC II powered all the time?

    Perhaps a somewhat silly question to those "in the know" - is it ok to keep the Corda on constantly? Before you ask why, I hardly ever use the amp to adjust the volume; the 0404's monitor level trimmer provides a much more accurate way of controlling it.
  17. luukas

    Ultrasone Proline 2500 thoughts?

    Has anyone by chance tried these? I noticed a local store is selling both the 750's and 2500's for 315€ (a decent price I think). So far I remember seeing only JensL commenting on the 750's, which are unfortunately closed and thus not what I'm looking for. I'll be able to try out how comfy...
  18. luukas

    Received the 0404, some questions

    After the *usual* PITA driver installation routine (kudos to MS), I finally managed to get ASIO working in FB2K. However, Foobar's own volume adjustment doesn't work unless I interrupt the song by stopping/pausing/skipping, which is pretty annoying. Is there anything I could do about this...
  19. luukas

    Help me decide which of these two soundcards I should get

    I've finally narrowed my options down to two cards - E-Mu 0404, and the Waveterminal U24. Here's how I see the pros/cons right now: 0404: + Price "only" 100€ + Supposedly beats anything in the same price range +/- No Linux driver support as of yet, but possibly in the future +/- PCI...
  20. luukas

    Soundcard recommendations (yet again)?

    After having owned the HD25's for a few months now, I've decided that I really need to do something about my "source", the somewhat infamous A2 ZS. It seems clear to me now that most listening fatigue is caused by the card alone, with it's dryish midrange and screechy highs. And the backround...
  21. luukas

    Recommendations for a ~200€ sound card?

    Will be used exclusively with HD25-1's, no amp. Must have flawless (ok, just bug-free ) Linux drivers. Oh, no external systems... too much CPU overhead for gaming. What else. Ah - the card must absolutely, positively not be bass-deficient Doesn't look I'll have much of a choice here, though...
  22. luukas

    Does anyone here actually use an amp with the HD25's (at home)?

    If so, which amp, and how does it improve/affect the sound? I'm currently irritated by the somewhat detailed, yet occasionally painful highs coming out of the A2 ZS, and was hoping that a reasonably priced amp might remedy this situation. ... or would a soundcard upgrade (RME & M-Audio...
  23. luukas

    A couple of questions about the HD25-1

    First off, I was thinking of replacing the stock pads with velour ones - if I can find any that is. Would they affect the sound considerably? If so, in what manner? In addition I'm a bit confused when it comes to burning these in. I had them play mostly bass-heavy tracks for 48 hours straight...
  24. luukas

    Simple volume controller with 3.5mm output jack?

    I just bought a pair of HD25-1's and damn, they are even more efficient than I had thought. Right now I have the volume on my soundcard down to 2% - and that's plenty! So... what would I need to build a volume controller with a 3.5mm output jack? As for input - RCA maybe? Obviously it doesn't...
  25. luukas

    Anyone familiar with the Pioneer SX-600L receiver?

    I'm slowly leaning towards the DT-880, but can't afford an amp yet, so I was thinking that maybe the headphone output on said receiver would give them enough juice. Of course it's not likely to have top-notch quality, but hey, the output is an Audigy 2, for now. Problem is, I have absolutely...