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  1. xcom

    HiFiMan HE-560 Excellent Conditions

    Up for sale is my trusted HE-560, This are v1 with a headband upgrade (brand new) and custom Impact Audio Cable. They are in excellent condition and come with the original wooden box and paperwork. Price includes Shipping+Tracking+Insurance Pictures:
  2. xcom

    Buyers be ware.

    I bought two AMP's from two different members, both AMP's came with issues. Both sellers did not disclose issues with them. This used to not happen as much here. There was a level of trust and security that you could find here from Head-Fi members, and now that has been flushed down the toilet...
  3. xcom

    iFi iCan question

    So I just acquire an iCan from a user here in the forum. The iCan has several issues one of them been that the headphone jack is too lose and cause the headphone plug to cause static.... BUT I ran in to a new issue that I am not sure I understand and could be me been ignorance and not an actual...
  4. xcom unrechable

    Sorry if this has been posted but I am unable to reach Is it working for others? Getting connection refused.
  5. xcom

    HE-560 Help

    The headband is starting to peel off. Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement headband? Thanks!
  6. xcom

    Two DAC's

    Can I use Two DAC's with the Schiit SYS and output to my speakers? I have a Micro iDSD and a nano iDSD hooked up to two different sources, I would like to switch between them if possible when need it.   Thanks for the help!   Regards, -
  7. xcom

    One more iCan question

    The iCan has two inputs. I have one going to my SYS via RCA and the other going to my PI DAC via 3.5mm. Is having dual inputs ok to do or is it a big no no? When both sources are connected, I can tell a difference as far as audio... It seems the iCan gets weaker and audio is not as crisp.  ...
  8. xcom

    Second Setup Help

    So now I am building my second DAC/AMP Setup. I was looking for recommendations...    I am Deciding between AudioGD NFB-11 and a Schiit Bitforst with a Lyr2.... Or your recommendation?   I am more of a EDM/Hip Hop/Trance/Techno Person. My go to Over the ear headphones are HE-400i. I like...
  9. xcom

    I couldn't be happier!

    My mind could be playing tricks on me.... BUT.... OMG! Adding the Schiit SYS to my setup definitely made a difference! Highs are more clear now and mids are right at my taste! WoW!   I want to thank all of you guys that help me and made the recommendations I couldn't be happier. I am now...
  10. xcom

    Help with setup

    I am trying to setup my new iFi Setup but I am having a hard time trying to set it up with two source outputs.   The way I would like to set it up is   PC (Linux) --> iFi iPurifier --> iFi iPower  --> iFi iDSD --> (Via 3.5mm interconnects) -> iCAN -> Headphones                              ...
  11. xcom

    Sample rate help

    I just got a few weeks a go a iFi iDSD nano.   I been happy with it but I been fighting way too much. I am running Linux Debian Jessie x86_64 with ALSA   Even though the OS is saying that the music is playing at 192000 bit rate the iDSD is telling me that I am running at 44000... Any ideas...
  12. xcom

    Help with iFi setup

    Hello All,   I am in progress of putting a new iFi setup together for my home audio system.   Here is what I got so far....   iFi nano iDSD iFi nano iCan iFi nano USB3.0 iFi Gemini USB Cable (Not on my hands yet and open to suggestions) iFi iRack     To interconnect my iCan and the...
  13. xcom

    Portable Player Question

    Team,   Is there any Linux user audiophile out there that are currently using any Portable Player that works well with Linux and does not need a special Windows app? I am on the market for a nice portable player but has to work with Linux.   TIA!   Regards.
  14. xcom


    Hello Team....   New here.... I use to be big in to audio years back and sort of drooped out of it due to work...   Now I am back again and I am trying to catch up but there is so much sense 2000!!! :D   What RCA Audio Cables are the best for the money? Money is not an obstacle.    Right...