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  1. Whyifide

    Reply to review by 'whyifide' on item 'AKG K553 Pro Closed-Back Studio Headphones'

    How do these compare against DT770's?
  2. Whyifide

    I love my new Grado SR225E's! But now I want a DAC or AMP to compliment it!

    Long story short, I finally got back into the HiFi (or, rather, budgetFi) game. (For those who care, here's my little Hi-Fi story. You can totally skip this paragraph.) Once upon a time ten years ago, I replaced my very first computer component all by myself: the sound card. 14-year-old self...
  3. Whyifide

    Nice Headphones -> Decent DAC -> Line-in Cable -> Logitech speaker console? -> X-Fi XtremeMusic?

    I was just wondering if this is impeding my friend's sound quality. He's listening to AKG 702's connected to a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1, which is connect by Line-In to this: through that little sound module you see...
  4. Whyifide

    Open Headphones Better Than Closed?

    My friend told me that open headphones are better than closed because closed headphones muddy down the highs and mids, no matter how well you produce the pair. He also claims that closed headphones color the sound whereas open headphones are better for analytical stuff. How much of this is true...
  5. Whyifide

    Not satisfied with Essence ST. Any DAC alternatives around same price?

    So I bought the ASUS Xonar Essence ST. It was an upgrade above my X-Fi XtremeMusic, but not huge. Then I got some OP Amps for $8 (LME49720NA's) which I'm really happy with, but still doesn't perform as well as I'd like it to. I was wondering if there are any DAC alternatives that would sound...
  6. Whyifide

    Give me a crash course in OPAMPS

    Quote: Originally Posted by ROBSCIX No problem, If you have any questions ask. Just one question atm: where can I get an adapter if I want to use two single channel opamps
  7. Whyifide

    Give me a crash course in OPAMPS

    Leeperry, Currawong, ROBSCIX - Thanks a ton guys. You've pointed me in the right direction of good and useful information. I really appreciate it.
  8. Whyifide

    Upgrade from the ATH-AD700's?

    How do the HFI-780 and D2000 sound?
  9. Whyifide

    What headphones should I get to get the most out of my Xonar Essence ST?

    At the moment I have the AD700's , and the Xonar Essence ST is coming in the mail on Monday. I'm thinking, though, that the card is a bit overkill and that my headphones are the weakest link in the system. I'm thinking about upgrading to get the most out of my card so I can truly appreciate it...
  10. Whyifide

    Sennheiser HD595's vs Audio Technica ATH-A/AD700's

    For now: an X-Fi XtremeMusic HOPEFULLY, by the end of the summer, a Xonar Essence STX and a Little Dot Micro MKII.
  11. Whyifide

    Sennheiser HD595's vs Audio Technica ATH-A/AD700's

    How do the AKG K271's compare to the AD700's?
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