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    AURALiC owners unite!

    I tried that without success. Switched out the power cord, rca & balanced interconnects, and tried no interconnects too.. Same result.
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    AURALiC owners unite!

    Just curious if anyone has had an issue with switching the input and output on their Taurus MKII? My Taurus is stuck with the light on BAL ouput and XLR input. Basically the front panel buttons are inactive except for the power button. Turning the unit off and on, unplugging, etc does not solve...
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    Tube amp background hum normal?

    Quote: Originally Posted by daleda@sbcglobal I used to own the 300SEI and it went to back to Cary twice for this problem (and after many tube changes later) - I sold it! It is absolutely ridiculous that an amp of this price point have hum issues (nothing less than a black background is...
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    Headroom Max as a preamp

    I'm in the 1st phase of building a very decent 2 channel speaker based setup. I am going to spend my entire budget on the amp and speakers. I found an awesome deal on a pair of tube monoblocks that I have my heart set on (VTL MB-450's). The VTL's are going to drive a pair of Avalons. Here's...
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    Ottawa Meet: Sunday, April 24, 2005

    My car would be of very little use. I have minimal cargo room...and the back seat doesn't fold down.
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    Audio Rack Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by KenW That is one nice rack(can't believe I just said that to a guy!). Great job! Wanna sell? Thanks. I'd sell it if the price was right.
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    Audio Rack Question

    Here's the rack plans if anyone is up to the challenge. I built it in about 60 hours. BTW...the rack is 100% user friendly. It comes apart in about 5 minutes and will fit in the trunk of your car. The hardware can be found at...,43716&ap=1
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    Audio Rack Question

    I'm all for DIY racks. I made myself a rack that you can stand/jump on. I was pretty ambitious when I built it...
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    SONY SCD-1 or My Search for SACD Nirvana

    An Esoteric DV50 can be had for about $3500 US used while the SCD-1 is around $2000. For $1500 more I would hope that it sounds better. Maybe we should all ditch our boat anchors and get a modded Denon 2900?
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    SONY SCD-1 or My Search for SACD Nirvana

    If someone is going to give their opinion about the SCD-1 unit they should first state the listening conditions. I own a modded SCD-1. I bought it used with the Audiocom Superclock II and the Superclock II power supply already installed. I have the SCD-1's back panel switch in the custom mode...
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    It's down to tweaking the fuses now

    I've been reading way too much A/A lately in my quest to achieve another <2 % sonic improvement in my rig. Tonight I came across the topic of fuse tweaking. It's not a new topic on Head-fi (a quick search found a fuse rolling/tweak thread from late last year). I just thought I'd bring up the...
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    Anyone use a Bedini Ultra Clarifier?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bd555 I have a free sample of the rainbow foil on the way. An interesting list of CD tweaks can be found here: Nice link with some great CD tweaks. It's a wonder why he did not include the Audio Desk cd lathe.
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    No kidding...This is the Ultimate Tweak!! The Audio Desk System are some quick pics that I took of the shavings and the disc's bevel after cutting and marking. The shavings look like dental floss. My best results are obtained by cutting at about 7500-8000 rpm on the audio desk. I like to make a final "clean-up" cut at the machine's max speed...
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    No kidding...This is the Ultimate Tweak!! The Audio Desk System

    Quote: Originally Posted by meat01 What does the 38 degree bevel do that enhances the sound? Sorry, It's actually 36. Taken from Audio Desk... "Light reflections disrupt the sound Even high-end equipment for the...
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    No kidding...This is the Ultimate Tweak!! The Audio Desk System

    I recently came across a few threads that mentioned a machine called the Audio Desk System. It's a belt driven lathe that bevels a 38 degree angle into the outer edge of a CD. I was very intrigued when a respected head-fier assigned the unit a 10+ tweaking value. 10+? Hmmm...Well, I took the...
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    Any modifications to Senn HD650's

    First off...I'd use the search function, but I can't seem to locate it these days. I would like to try a few modifications to my HD650's. If anyone has modded these cans, please post what you have done and if you hear any sonic improvements. I'm not talking about aftermarket cables (I already...
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    Cardas RCA Caps - Good Tweak/Good Price

    I use a set of Cardas XLR caps and rca caps. They are the expensive ones with the nautilus symbol on them. I'm sorry to say, but I can't hear a difference at all.
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    Anyone use a Bedini Ultra Clarifier?

    Well I placed my order for the Bedini dual beam from . They were the cheapest at $100. I also bought a Walkers Audio Vivid cd treatment kit from another online store.
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    Anyone use a Bedini Ultra Clarifier?

    I was wondering if anyone uses a Bedini Ultra Clarifier? There are two versions...the Bedini Dual Beam Ultra Clarifier (retail $190) and the Bedini Quadri Beam Ultra Clarifier (retail $300). Here's the description of the explains why it's worth $300. "After several...
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    I can't believe that I JUST figured this out now!...cut out the attenuators!

    For the past year I have been running my Headroom Max on high gain and volume at about 9:00-10:00. I finally clued in and switched my gain to the lowest setting and put the volume at 2:00. Man, what a difference!! It makes sense to me why it should sound better too...since on high gain you've...
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    Your 5 newest CDs (or LPs)

    Deep Purple - Live on the BBC (SACD) The Wallflowers - Red Letter Days (SACD) Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 2 or the last remains of the dodo (SACD) George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Move it on over (SACD) George Thorogood and the Destroyers - self titled (SACD)
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    SACD Mini-Reviews: Contribute!

    Amazing! Fricken' amazing! This live rock performance was recorded in 1972...but it sure as heck doesn't sound like it. Detail and instrument separation is superb. Vocals in general are very crisp and clear. Highway Star, Never Before, Space Truckin', & Smoke on the Water are some of my...
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    Post a picture of your Headphone Rig.

    Updated pic. I forgot to stain the feet on my rack...ah well. PS Audio XStream Statement (1.5 m Power Cord) -> PS Audio Ultimate Outlet (High Current version) -> PS Audio XStream Statement (1.5 m Power Cord) -> PS Audio P300 with multiwave II -> Elco HPC-10SP (8 ft Power Cord) -> Sony SCD-1...
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    Post a picture of your homemade audio rack thread...

    Quote: Originally posted by GWN Nice work Brandon. Lee Valley Tools in Ottawa (woodworker's toy store) offer several natural finishes including danish oil, shellac and cabinet maker's wax. Its a good thing you de-coupled that marble with some wood. In your case it doesn't matter since...
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    Ottawa Christmas Meet 2003 Impressions!

    Quote: Originally posted by Zanth Heh, that sounds like a whole lot of fun! Brandon what are your holidays like? I'm kinda free after the 2nd of January. I can bring my stuff to your place if you can hook me up with a ride. Much easier to bring my gear than have soooo much...