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    Astell&Kern KANN CUBE

    Apple Music Issue. I cant get to run Apple Music .. message I am getting is ”Unfortunately, Apple Music has stopped“. Firmware Version: 1.21CM Apple Music ver: 3.4.5 Soft reset tried >> Kann cube ON. Pressed power button and Cube switched off in 5-6 seconds. Released button. Waited 10 seconds...
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    SOLD: Pioneer SE Monitor5

    may i ask, how old are these ? date of purchase .. Bill , warranty ?
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    Best 5 Headphones Of The Decade!

    Sennheiser HD800s Final Audio D8000 Stax 007 Focal Stellia Sony Z1R
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    Advise Needed: Audeze MX4 v/s Final D8000 v/s Final D8000 Pro

    Audeze MX4 v/s Final D8000 v/s Final D8000 Pro I am looking at procuring ONE of these. I already have HD800s , so instrumentals and classical music is sorted. For a wider genre of music. Which one will you suggest and why ? Price Comparison : Audeze MX4 and Final D8000 Pro - Same price Final...
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    FS: SPL Phonitor 2 Headphone Amp / Preamp

    is this still available ?