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    [SOLD] ZMF Silver Michanikos Cable (8ft / 4 pin XLR)

    $250 In very good condition. Included with the cable is the leather pouch and 4 pin XLR to 1/4" converter. Free shipping in CONUS. Buyer is responsible for any PayPal fees.
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    [SOLD] ZMF Eikon Suede Pads

    As new, never installed. Free shipping in CONUS. Buyer responsible for PayPal fees.
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    [SOLD] Artic Balanced Cable with 3.5mm Termination

    Ten foot long. Rarely used and in very good condition. Free shipping in CONUS. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.
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    [SOLD] ZMF Verite Closed LTD - New in Box / Never Opened

    This is a pair of ZMF Verite Closed in Leopardwood. The grill and rods are black and the chassis is wine colored. As for the cable, it is the stock OFC with 4-pin XLR termination. Lastly, it comes in the Seahorse case. I ordered these on Feb. 13 and received notice yesterday that they were...
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    [SOLD] Fostex TH900mk2 - Low Price

    I'm the second owner and purchased about 2 years ago. Includes Yaxi Alcantara pads Includes original stand and packaging. No PayPal fee and free shipping in CONUS.
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    [SOLD} Arctic Cable - 8 Feet (6.3 / 3.5)

    PRICED TO SELL Lightly used. Pricing includes free shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees.
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    [SOLD] PRICED TO SELL - ALOaudio – Reference 8 (MMCX / 4.4mm)

    Purchased as an extra cable directly from Campfire Audio. New, never used. Pricing includes free shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees.
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    [SOLD] Audeze Mobius - Priced To Sell

    In very good condition. Lightly used for a few months before moving on to a different headphone. Pricing includes free shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees.
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    [Sold] New Lower Price - iFi Pro iRack - $99

    Shelving Unit for the Pro Series. Includes PayPal and shipping in the CONUS.
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    Border Patrol SE USB DAC - Sold

    Priced to sell. Only $700. I'm picking up PayPal and shipping fees to CONUS. I'm the second owner. It is a great DAC, but I have to thin the herd.
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    [SOLD} ZMF Verite in Silkwood

    Purchased Jul. 2019 and in mint condition. Includes wood case, Verite pads, suede Universe pads, stock balanced and unbalanced cables. I'll pick up PayPal, if you pick up shipping.
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    [SOLD] Denfrips Pontus DAC

    Denafrips Pontus R2R DAC in mint condition. I bought it in January and used it less than 200 hours. Many positive feedbacks around, if interested please google it. It's sturdy, very well built unit. If you cover PayPal, I'll cover shipping in the CONUS.
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    [SOLD] Focal Clear - Great Price

    I'm the second owner. The first owner put about 200 hours on them. I was less than 100 hours. The leather on the headband and ear pads have darken with use, otherwise the headphones are in very good condition. The original packaging is included. I'll cover PayPal and shipping in the CONUS.
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    SOLD: Sony MDR-Z1R - PRICE DROP (International Version)

    Selling my Sony MDR-Z1R headphones that are in excellent condition. I purchased thiem last September and didn't use them as much as expected. Includes all the original packaging and cables. My understanding is that the International and US versions are the same, except with different warranty...
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    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-MX4 - 2018

    Excellent condition. Purchased last year and infrequently used. Comes with stock cable, protective case, and USB drive. Price includes PayPal fees and shipping within CONUS.
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    [Sold] ZMF Aeolus Sapele with Extras

    Excellent condition stock Sapele wood. Used less than 40 hours. Comes with two cables, stock 1/4 inch plug and OFC 4-pin XLR. Also includes stock and suede earpads. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees within CONUS.