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  1. plmon

    6xx vs 58x

    I also have the BasX amp, but have lately been using my JDS Labs Atom more. Mainly because the BasX had more of a niche usage than I expected, the resistors have an effect on the FR and can change how your headphones sound (some in a good way, some not). Using the jumpers to bypass the resistors...
  2. plmon

    Beginner looking for recommendations

    The DT990 has good bass and is fast enough that stuff like metal/hardcore or high-bpm EDM doesn't sound muddy or congested. The instruments stand out sharply due to the treble detail. But the overall sound was kind of thin, everything sounds like it's lacking a bit of body to the sound (kind of...
  3. plmon

    Help choosing the most confortable closed back

    Not sure if it'd be much of an upgrade from the budget audio technica line, but I found the Takstar Pro 82 to be very comfortable, with pretty good sound for its price (around $50). The physical design is pretty much ripped from MDR-1A.
  4. plmon

    DT1990 vs HD660s vs Sundara vs ???

    I agree with the others, the DT1990 would fit well if you don't mind the treble spike on DT770. DT1990 fills in the missing mid bass and scooped mids of the DT770 while that boosted treble lets you pick up even the slightest detail in things like string instruments. For a more relaxed sound...
  5. plmon

    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    When considering the great headphones you can get around the $200 price point now, I agree that the jump in sound and build quality clearly has diminishing returns at this price level. As a consumer, I'd also say around $350 would be more fair for the Teaks. That said, while that's what my...
  6. plmon

    What inexpensive DAC can I connect to my current set up for desktop use?

    Also throwing in the Massdrop x Grace Design SDAC as a budget option.
  7. plmon

    AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

    Yeah, I removed the dampening material and tried it with the grill off as well. This got rid of some of the echoeyness, but there was no bass without the wool and the sound became hollow. I heard about taping the backs of the passive radiators, so I used some electrical tape and that brought the...
  8. plmon

    HIFIMAN HE-R10 Closed-Back Headphones Discussion & Impressions

    Interesting! I'm also thinking bluetooth. Has Hifiman made any wireless full-size headphones before?
  9. plmon

    AKG K340 Electrostatic Phones

    Ohh, I need to check those out. I kept going back to the stock pads because other pads seemed to change the sound slightly due to how thick they were. I recently tried Brainwavz pads as well since others said good things about them with the k340. I tried all the materials (velour, sheepskin...